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    Just put a down payment on a Grand Design Imagine 2800BH

    I’ve spent way to much time on some GD groups as that was one of the brands I was considering when I was looking. There is an abundance of complaints on “flat springs” and bent axles on the 2016-2019 2800bs seems to be just that model. I’m not trying to steer you away from it as other then that...
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    Ok. I'm looking

    I can’t comment on the units your considering but I will toss my hat in the ring about the slides. My pop up had a slide and I loved the extra room, but hated the fact that when closed it basically took up all the interior space. When I went to a small travel trailer one of my biggest “wants”...
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    Brought the new (to me) Centennial 3606 home!!!

    I had a 3604 for almost 5 years, was such a great camper. Never had a single issue with it. Congratulations!!
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    Apex 193bhs

    Finally was able to take delivery on our new little 19’ bunkhouse. Was able to camp over this past memorial weekend and have to say it worked out fantastic for us. Having the sofa and free standing table worked out great. I was worried about the storage I was going to lose from not getting the...
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    We caved in...

    Congrats!!!! I just bought the same trailer (2020, summit package) hope to take delivery in a week or two. I opted for the sofa in the slide-out instead of a dinette since we don’t eat inside anyway and the DW can kick back a relax if she wants
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    Is my math wrong?

    Update: decided to pull the trigger on a 2020 Apex 193bhs. Got a smoking deal on it and has a bunch of upgrades over the base model. Now just have to wait for the governor to lift these “stay at home” orders so my dealership can open back up and I can take delivery. To my surprise I even had a...
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    Is my math wrong?

    Thanks, I’m definitely not opposed to a used unit. I’ve made a list of my “must haves” and “wants” and started searching again for different units. Seems most of my “must haves” are more common on 2018+ trailers. Maybe when I’m ready to purchase there will be more newer stuff in the pre owned market
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    Is my math wrong?

    Again thanks for the replies. If you stuck around this thread this long to read this then I’ll ask here instead of a new post. The two units I’m looking at are Coachman Apex 193BH Forest River Wolf Pup 18TO Black Label I’ve only owed a few pop ups and all have been Starcraft. Any common...
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    Is my math wrong?

    Thanks for the replies, and changing my perspective an this. I can agree with the consensus to not think so deeply on the cost and more on the enjoyment. I have found a unit that I really like. I think this upcoming year will be last last year in a pop up and plan on purchasing at the end of...
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    Is my math wrong?

    I have been looking to go hard sides for a few years now. My wife has some heath issues that make camping with the pop up not an option for her in the colder months which means I go alone or not at all. Ive been looking at a 22’ that would fit my needs perfectly. When I break down the math of a...
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    Minimalist BH?

    The eye roll emoji is appreciated, now that I know you have complete knowledge on all mass produced and cottage company small builders I’ll just direct any future questions to you directly. Thanks!
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    Minimalist BH?

    The point of my post wasn’t about special ordering a coach with what I wanted or didn’t want but more asking if there was anything on the market that fit my wants.
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    Minimalist BH?

    Basically the same lay out of my pop up but in a larger hardside. The pop up really limits our camping each year due to when have to put it away once temps are below freezing so the plastic windows don’t crack. Having each bunk with king size rv beds on the pop up is needed when I’m 6’2 and my...
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    Minimalist BH?

    I will be going hardside for 2020. Does anyone know if any manufacturers make more of a “minimalist” BH, around a 25’. No bathroom, no radios or tv’s, no fireplaces ect.. basically a furnace, AC,table and beds fridge, some sort of artic package. Ive never even used water or the water heater...
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    Tongue Weight question

    The 600lbs is interesting, I wonder if it’s my TV that’s limiting me. The class 4 on my F150 has a sticker on it saying 1150lbs max with WDH and 500lb max without
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    Tongue Weight question

    Like I said I towed this for 7 years trouble free, but that was at my own risk. This will be my last year with this camper as we will be going hardside for 2020. It’s garage kept and in immaculate shape. I would prefer to sell privately but I feel there’s a limited market for people looking for...
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    Tongue Weight question

    That’s kinda what I’m getting at, if the weight of the tanks and battery are on top of the 421 dry hitch weight I can assume my tongue weight will exceed the 500lb limit of my class 4 hitch, yes I understand to be sure I need to weight the actual tongue weight, plus the front storage compartment...
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    Tongue Weight question

    let me start saying I’ve owned and towed this camper for over 7 years trouble free. This is just out of my own curiosity. The specs of my pop-up from the factory are Dry weight. 2859 Gross weight 3750 Hitch weight 421 I’ve seen several posts that both say propane and batteries are/are...
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    Camping / Fishing etiquette question

    One of my "go to" CG's is like that and we always get a site on the water so we can fish from our site. BUT there is a sign on all the waterfront site that says something like "no camping beyond this point" about 15 feet before the water. So that's where the site ends and from that sign to the...
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    This site

    I don't see where that thread went bad? It was a discussion. Pretty much stayed on topic. Not every thread will be sunshine and rainbows. I don't feel it got out of hand in the least.