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    long haul prep

    May I add that you should have a breaker bar with the correct sockets in your vehicle. Temp changes and energetic technicians with a pneumatic or battery impact driver will tighten the lugs tremendously. There are even retractable breaker bars that take up less space.
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    Towing capacity - 2002 Fleetwood Niagra and 2016 Honda Odyssey

    Lots of info here. One additional note: The Weight Distribution Hitch that I use with my Chev 1500 and TT probably weighs 80 lbs or more. It is a mother! Yes, it shifts some of the tongue weight to the front, leveling both TV and TT. But it adds quite a bit to the tongue weight (limited at...
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    long haul prep

    When you replace the tail lights, buy LEDs. They aren't that much more expensive and they are much more visible (brighter). You might also want to check for soft spots on the floor and roof to make sure that you don't get a failure on the road. I'm sure that your short trips over the last...
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    1989 Jayco Axle Question

    I had a 1990 Jayco 1206 with a torsion suspension. Prior to my having it, my brother drove it thousands of miles. When I picked it up (around its 28th birthday), the torsion bar suspension was tearing away from the frame, and I spent about $1,500 replacing the mounting, axle, hubs and brakes...
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    Weird thing on the ceiling!!!

    Agree with prior suggestions that it is a place to hang clothes. My 1991 Jayco 1206 had the same thing. We often used it to dry towels on a coat hanger indoors when necessary.
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    Water tank / water heater bypass questions

    In some cases, the anode rod is also "countersunk", requiring a special socket with a really thin wall to fit into the depression where the rod is located. Take a look before you start anything to make sure that you get the right socket! Good luck!
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    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    Plenty of wisdom has already been shared, mostly directed at your needs (residential bed? bathroom? shower?) and wants. We have evolved from tents to small pup to large pup (for a better bed) and now to a Travel Trailer. All but the tent were purchased used. The step up to a large TT (26')...
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    Thetford C2 cartridge toilet issue

    On my 1991 Jayco 1206, I had a Thetford cartridge toilet, and had to replace the electric pump. It is pretty easy to do. It was located under the toilet paper holder and has a single screw on a plastic bracket on top that holds it down in the water reservoir. Cut the wires and attach the new...
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    WDH Prices

    There's no reason that the tow vehicle would limit your use of a WDH, is there? The WDH is heavy, mine probably weighing 60# plus (my guess). All it does is use the flexing members to torque the hinge point some to raise the hitch. I am not sure that I see the reason for your concern.
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    WDH Prices

    For a pup, which has a pretty low tongue weight, you might be fine with using coil-over shocks to replace your OEM shocks. I had a 2008 Grand Caravan (4.0L engine), and Monroe coil-over shocks (I think) made a huge difference in how stiff the rear end was. They also improved the handling of...
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    The Eagle Project

    Is the roof solid? The photo looks like there's a bit of a sag. I had issues with the seal between the AC unit and roof, which caused a roof leak. Then the seal tape on the AC unit itself failed, causing another leak. You might want to replace the seal proactively. BTW, I also replaced the...
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    May 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Try Flex Seal on the joint as a temporary measure to eliminate the leak. Silicon on plastic doesn't seem to hold that well in my experience. Good Luck and Enjoy the trip!!
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    Ford Maverick Thread

    Before you get too invested in the Ford Maverick, the 4k towing capacity is only available in the top power/AWD option, likely with a premium price. Also, I understand that most are sold or spoken for already, and I'm sure that there is a premium above MSRP. There are lots of small pickups on...
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    Let's talk about Knee pain. Anybody else?

    It is hard for us to assess your condition just from your description, but let me share my experience with knee problems. I play a lot of tennis and ski hard in the winters, as do the aging folks around me (I am 60). Among those of us with some knee issues, a knee replacement is the ABSOLUTE...
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    Can someone explain this?

    Same answer as above. My 1991 Jayco 1206 has a rubber seal on the door that meets the roof when closed, but allows us to open the door when closed. It remains dry when driving in the wet weather. Nice unit, BTW!
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    Original owner 1976 cox Conestoga popup

    Work was done by a place on Rt 23 near Kinnelon (https://www.nynjtrailer.com/). Did nice work given that they had to cut the old hardware off and weld on new mountings. I thought about electric brakes instead, but the cost was higher, and I didn't have an electric brake controller, which would...
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    Original owner 1976 cox Conestoga popup

    I also live in NJ (Sparta) and have a 1991 Jayco 1206. The thing is big, 28'-3" when opened! I got it from my brother, who has lived in the midwest since buying it. When he delivered it, the surge brakes were inoperable, and probably had been so for 20 years (pretty rusty). He towed with a...
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    Hitch for GMC Sierra SLT 2500 to pull 2018 Jayco Jay Sport 12SC

    Harbor Freight has an adjustable drawbar that will adjust from about 10" up to 11" down. It uses the same pins that hold the drawbar in the receiver to permit quick adjustment. 5,000 lb load limit (just like many trailer hitches). $38! I just bought one for my Silverado as I have 3 trailers...
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    Found a boken slide on my TT.

    Slick repair! If you don't like the appearance, and little masking tape and spray paint would make it neater. No need in my world, though. Well done! Vibration is an insidious force, and will stress connections tremendously where we least expect it. Great that you caught this where/when you...
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    We put them into our minivan (Chrysler Pacifica). I cut a 12" wide board to fit, side to side, inside the van. I mounted fork mounts onto the board and remove the front tire from the bikes to mount them into the fork mounts. So they stand up inside the van and our gear fits around them. Note...