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    How do you camp?

    I camp somewhere in between being high,drunk or hung over! Either way ill probably be eating more than I should and torturing the tree rats with my geeetar
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    Whats the appeal?

    Cat holes are a thing of the past. It is 2021 more people are out in the woods than ever before. If you can pick it up you can pack it out. Leave nothin behind but your foot steps.
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    Whats the appeal?

    The majority of us boondockers leave no trace. The dispersed camping closures are all utv/atv related. You can see them everyday never leave camp the same way twice. Drive off road between campsites.... Then the feral horses have reduced nice areas to stockyards.
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    Whats the appeal?

    With the logic of the OP why even leave the house? Campgrounds are the ghettos of the forest unless you have mobility issues they should be avoided at all costs.
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    Recommendations for generator

    I prefer an electric blanket and a quality sleeping bag over the rv furnace. Toasty and quiet. I like the Honda 2200 it is light weight and quiet. They have the 3400 watt generators that are quiet too but they weight 100 pounds ish.
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    How do you cook liver?

    Slice it to the thickness you desire then soak it in milk for 24 hours pour out the milk then add ginger beer for another 24 hours. Then fry in a cast iron skillet. The more well done you make it the worse it will taste. Liver also makes great soup poured over german style dumplings.
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    Rusty Fire Ring Grilling Grate

    Why not just get that fire hot and cook on it? Wipe it with oil start a raging fire and when you have coals cook. A little Iron oxide wont kill you.
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    Ridged support between axle and frame

    This is really pretty smart! You have 2 forces at work on your pup a shear load that is you moving around in the pup causing it to rock back and forth. The fix is well chocked wheels and tongue jack.Then a compressive load the weight of the occupants and the trailer. Lowering the stabs supports...
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    Pvc ice packs

    I am now curious about the PVC Ice packs. Anyone remember piecrete? They found that if you mixed sawdust and water to make ice it stayed frozen longer a lot longer! To the point they thought of making an aircraft carrier out of it. But then we are trying to keep a cooler cold not keep ice packs...
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    Pvc ice packs

    Only in California! The rest of the country uses it for potable water mains in almost every city. We have an 800 gallon a minute RO systems that is made almost entirely of PVC! I still prefer my water out of the old asbestos clay pipe. But I would like to see your source for PVC toxicity.
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    Backing up

    I got a hitch on the front of my TV. I drop the trailer hook it on the front and shover her in. So easy even I can do it right the first time!
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    Smallest footprint porta-potti?

    Get a Groover! 50 cal. Ammo can. It is what you use along the Colorado river. Just sit on it once and you will know why they call it a Groover![:D]
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    Getting Popup into Garage

    I have a hitch on the front of my TV. I drop the pup in the street pick it up by the front hitch and done. I can see everything I need to see and get it right between the work bench and shelving every try.
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    Just another mini generator rant.

    I boondock only my camper does not even have a place for a battery. I will run my generator all night when it is cold. Cold is around freezing. The furnace and heating pads don't use a ton of juice so a 100ft extension cord gets the genny away from camp to where I don't even notice it. Small...
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    What to do with Old Pup

    A 5 gallon bucket of tannerite and an AR15 will get rid of it in every loud and fun fashion,
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    Needs work but looking for opinions

    I wouldn't pay 4Gs to haul something to the landfill!
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    Decals coming off of popup

    They really won't stay back on long. Strip them off with a heat gun and replace them with whatever you want. If you are in the Phoenix area I have a hook up.
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    Rockwood Premier

    Great they are hard to find nowdays.
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    Toilet solutions for boondocking

    I have used the PETT for a long time and love it. Standard size and height. I carry a home depot bucket with lid for used bags. I got to admit a couple loaded wag bags in the fire can be a good prank on your hunting buddies sitting downwind.
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    Rockwood Premier

    Better go look fast. If it was within 500 miles of me I might be putting it in my garage tomorrow.