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    We just upgraded to one with a walk around queen. No more being stuffed against the wall or climbing over the better half. Good call! Nice layout, our 20 footer was similar. Enjoy the cookies and ice cream! (again)
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    Hey Ya'll....I'm a noob!

    Welcome from Central Mi. I'm assuming you packed it away in the fall? If not, perhaps it was just packed away wet. I remember the first time we went hitch in the air while in our old pup...lol. I also remember the time I backed in to a sloped spot by the river, cranked the hitch up off the...
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    Blindly stumbled to the darkside.

    Great looking camper! THe awnings are great. And while they can be anchored and secured with tie downs, etc. we still tend to roll ours up when we leave for the day. Impromptu monsoons can really catch them, and if we're not there who cares if it's up? lol
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    PUP to Hybrid to Travel Trailer in 2014

    Great looking rigs, all of them. I remember just 4 years ago dreaming of the 'perfect pup'. Now I'm in a 26foot bunkhouse and couldn't be happier. One thing the latest upgrade got us was a walk around bed. You're young, it won't bother you now, but boy...are we excited at not having to crawl...
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    Tell me all the great things about the Dark Side

    For the size of the oven most come with, it's easily substituted with a toaster oven. Our newest TT didn't come with the oven, but we never used the one in our first TT. However, we did pack a toaster oven in to the new one...just in case. Since we bought a bunkhouse for hopes of grandkids with...
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    Blindly stumbled to the darkside.

    We stumbled on to our popup that way, then a few years later upgraded. but the Pup was a whim craigslist purchase. Congrats, and enjoy! (They also make nice guest quarters at home)
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    Tell me all the great things about the Dark Side

    one thing we never thought of when we bought our 20 footer was that it's bed was still sideways in the front, meaning someone was having to climb over a body to get to bed. With our new 26 foot bunkhouse, we have a walk around queen bed. We're giddy to sleep in it! By now you should have your...
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    Scary Thought - - -

    The looking is where you get in trouble. We went from a tent to a popup I refurbed. (1965 Westholt cruiser, it's on here somewhere). Then, we went to an RV show. Many reasons, but primarily so we could have someplace to put the dogs in the heat. We bought a 19 footer, loved it, our life was...
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    Tell me all the great things about the Dark Side

    Not 'always' but pretty darn on the mark here. Our first TT had a slide that had to be opened in order to get the bathroom door open. But our new one allows access to the fridge, bathroom, most everything without the slide being out. A much appreciated change.
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    Tell me all the great things about the Dark Side

    First thing we noticed, was as we were preparing to go in and settle in before bed, we didn't have to take turns heading off to the bathroom while one watched the dogs. Other things. 1. Storage.. a lot, and it doesn't need to be unpacked to set up/ take down. 2. A/C. We own 2 northern breed...
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    Power/electrical question

    Plenty of good answers. But since boondocking and power consumption are somewhat inversely related, I'm not sure it's work the upgrade. If you're in a park with electric, plug strips and an extension cord are simple, cheap, and can be used elsewhere when not camping. When boondocking, propane...
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    Well, We Did It

    Good job on the new TT! I think it won't be long and you won't be lugging the portable potty. The tanks are really no fret, use them. Just remember when dumping the tanks to dump black first, then you'll rinse your sewage pipe out with a lot more grey (soapy) water. Really not a big deal. I...
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    If it was the dark side before, where am I now?

    And the double slide vs single. Our dinette is smaller in this one. We did like the old one, 4 beefy sized adults could play cards and not rub elbows. This one is smaller, but with the sofa, and folding chairs if need be, we can fit a lot more in on a rainy night. Oh, and our other had a full...
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    Trailer instability

    '' Yep, great and proper conclusion. Also, when looking think of wheelbase as well as power, capacity. When we knew we wanted to go to the dark side we started looking at Tahoe's. (Need the cargo space for dog crates). We happened upon a Suburban and bought it. Then we upgraded our TT to a 26...
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    Leveling vrs stabilizing

    I'd hate to see the added weight. My pup was steel box , and lid (which folded out in to beds. Plywood on that steel. No mamby pamby fiberglass here, and with the foor corners doing all the work, my door would still hit (meaning the camper was folding up).
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    Leveling vrs stabilizing

    I had a steel framed, steel box camper. (1965 model). first time out I lowered the tongue, dropped the rear stab jacks, and then cranked the tongue jack until level. Piece of cake, right? til I opened the door and it would barely close again. You'll bend/tweak it by leveling it with anything...
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    Campgrounds near frankenmuth Mi...

    Another late reply, but Pine Ridge RV park is down the same road as Jellystone. It offers none of the activities of JS, which to us is why we camp there. We go up for the world expo of beers in May, and camp there. The lack of kids is nice for us. (Ours are grown). Otherwise, spots are kind of...
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    Otsego Lake State Park

    Wow, can't believe I never came back to update. We camped there June of 2013. Came in on a Sunday and left on a Wednesday. It was very quiet those days, mostly kids with grandparents. Camped next to us was about 4 kids with GP's and we thought..ho boy here we go. Well, they were the quietest...
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    Our first TT we bought in Jan and didn't see again until April. This year we replaced it and picked up our new one 2 weeks later. It was single digits out. Moving gear from one to another was cold. We towed the new one home, got it in the yard (that I had to clear the snow from) and then it...
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    If it was the dark side before, where am I now?

    Not so bad really. I think show price on this was 14, 900. (or 15, 400). We took a beating trading in our 2 year old 19 footer, but when we got that one our credit was poor and our interest was high. The new one is at 3.5% which allowed us to keep it just 8 dollars a month higher than the...

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