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    2016 Washington Summer Outing (also known as Extreme Weather Rally)

    We have been thinking about the FCFS's. Worst case scenario is we'll pop out and swing by (grabbing Larry & Vicki for chow). For what it's worth, the reason we decided to do dessert instead of a full blown pot luck was for the same reason as noted earlier. With dessert, nothing's too cheap to...
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    2016 Washington Summer Outing (also known as Extreme Weather Rally)

    After getting a text from Larry (as in Vicky and Larry), I've found no sites available. Probably just as well. I had shoulder surgery done during the Christmas break and it's worse now than it was before I let them chop and cut. C'est la vie. Steve, CJ & Josh
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    NC Here

    Howdy from a former Halifax County resident.
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    Newb from NM

    Belated welcomes. I worked in Tucumcari for a time getting a third restaurant opened for a friend. You've got some beautiful world to camp in. Get yourself set up for solar and enjoy. I have. I now live in the desert of Eastern WA. Free power is good power. Salutes,
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    Intro from Richmond, Va

    Belated welcome from the desert of Eastern WA. I used to live in Virginny back in the 80s and 90s. Left there and moved south, north, back south then finally west. Also a backpacker that has taken a good liking to the pop up world. VA has a good group of Puppers. HVAC and I have camped...
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    2015 - Washington Summer Outing

    Has any got directions for this place??
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    2015 - Washington Summer Outing

    Re: 2015 Washington Summer Outing Site 89. Vicki & Larry, we're your neighbors. I booked Friday-Monday. Now I hope my summer school teaching requirements aren't then. I guess I'll find out the hard way, right?!
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    NC- Medoc Mountain State Park, Halifax County - REVIEW Nov. 2010

    Again, I spent more time at Medoc than I can remember since it was less than 16 miles from door to door. I used to hike there practically every weekend if it wasn't raining or snowing. I never once saw or got a tick while hiking, walking along the water or camping. And I both tent camped and...
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    Farragut State Park (Athol, ID)

    Farragut State Park lies on the southern point of Lake Pend Orielle. It was the site of a U.S. Navy bootcamp from 1942-1946. It is a 4000 acre park offering 223 individual sites, 7 group camps, and 10 camping cabins. It is a very old, I believe one of Idaho's first state parks. The sites are...
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    Name a few things that someone should Manufacture

    What is the material on that? I could easily see fabrication.
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    Lake Sylvia and Kalaloch, Washington

    I was thinking the same thing, Jeff. It'd be a trip and change for me, but darn, it might be worth it sometime.
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    Camp Driveway for a few days then on to a State Park

    Man, that's way down south (compared to where I lived). [;)]
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    Who here has a vintage pop up?

    BigJake -- DUDE! Tres cool! Great cars and awesome "get" on the Skamper.
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    Camp Driveway for a few days then on to a State Park

    Any trip out is a good trip, Tex. Remember: A bad day camping beats a great day at work! Where'd you go? I used to live in (way) Upstate NY.
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    Hello! and help indentify trailer!

    Bonjour Pascal. How about a picture? That would certainly enable many to figure out what you've got. (Go LEAFS!!!)
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    REwire lights

    Agree with Joet. I recently toasted my running lights on the pup. My BIL, a 30 year auto mechanic, assured me it was the fuse. I pulled out the owner's manual, et voilà, found the popped fuse. I replaced that with a fresh 10A and I was ready to rock and roll.
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    2002 coleman santa fe break lights and turn signals wont work.

    I know this sounds way too easy, but did you check the fuses? I had inadvertently popped a 10amp fuse that controlled marker lights when I was doing something some months back. Check your owner's manual to determine which fuses control your lighting. Simply pull it out and hold it up to the...
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    Evaluating solar options

    This past weekend while my brother and law and I were working on the Apache replacing OEM marker lights with LEDs, we also mounted the charge controller through an access panel. Now I can set up the solar panel, run the cables into the charge controller then wires to the battery. Since I...
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    Who here has a vintage pop up?

    I looked at one like that before deciding on an Apache. They are clearly well-built. (Both Apache and Pal's.)
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    Apache Hardside

    Yeah, it wasn't one of my more "intedgilunt" moments. ABS and MEK are my friends! If we look around here in WA we can still get real MEK. Often there's that substitute/faux stuff. I've never tried it so don't know if it has the "melting" capabilities as does the original. We'll be loading...

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