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  1. J

    When on the road?

    Regardless of whether it'll stay lit while in motion, the idea of a concealed open flame in a location well out of my sight always gave me the willies. A much simpler trick is to fill a gallon jug with water (minus a half cup for expansion ...), freeze it solid the week before, then put it into...
  2. J

    Wiring Woes

    **Phweet** Time out! Calling BS on this warranty crap. Any customer modification ONLY affects warranty on the modified part(s) and system(s), not the entire car. That is, you do bad splices and burn the harness out? Sorry, your fault, not covered. Do bad splices and a water pump leaks? Covered...
  3. J

    Magic Eraser

    I'll just leave this here ...
  4. J

    Understanding the 12v system and battery?

    Hi >>If I hook up battery, but then plug into power at campsite, is the battery now being used? -- No, if you selected "110/120v" on the power panel in your camper. Yes if you left the panel on "12V" or "battery". >> Or recharged? -- Hard to know, and depends on the converter/ power center in...
  5. J

    How do you use/repurpose the other bed when you only travel as a couple

    Everybody's pretty much got it. In our former camper the unused twin bunk was "the attic", holding the odd milkcrate of gear or food, an extra suitcase, clothes that didn't get folded, etc. Once you get used to having that extra space it's really hard to go back to the intended use of somebody...
  6. J

    12v lights have power but won’t work

    Somewhere there is one common connection or ground that's affecting both (all) circuits. I think Tom (above) has it right ... loose connector/ weak ground/ loose wire nut/ whatever. If your PU is assembled with those damn blue crimp-on connectors or wire taps, that's a first place to look. It...
  7. J

    Atwood Hydroflame 7900 II Screeching - Motor replacement?

    Nope, not the motor ... it's the fan pivots/ bearings/ axle -- whatever. After a few years they dry out -- the heater in my former camper did that for years. Usually the noise would stop after the fan and unit warmed up and yes, it is temperature sensitive. I tried several times to get at or...
  8. J


    OK, once more from the top: under law, ONLY the manufacturer can issue/ apply/ enforce a warranty on their product(s). The dealer, bank or independent company cannot "extend" or alter the warranty. "Warrant" means promise, and only the factory can promise to fix their mistakes or omissions...
  9. J

    Storms and pop ups

    Several years ago I was camped for an event on a summer weekend. An amazing storm (and front) came thru overnight. My Coleman rocked and wobbled but held up fine; didn't even have water leakage from firehose-quantity rain. The event the next day was delayed for hours due to trees down in the...
  10. J

    Brake lights

    Easy enough to do a "filament check" every time before pulling out. Once hitched, plugged and chained up turn on the headlights or parking lights and hit the 4way flashers. Get out and walk around the trailer -- everything should be lit and/or flashing. Bad bulbs and poor connections become...
  11. J

    Stormy Superior

    >> as Gordon Lightfoot sang about .. And Stan Rogers: "But I told that kid a hundred times -- don't take the Lakes for granted. They go from calm to a hundred knots so fast they seem enchanted. "
  12. J

    Tour of Pennsylvania

    Bob and Rocky: Speaking as one who had two close friends on Fl. 93, I can tell you for sure that a lot of private money was raised towards completion of the Shanksville Memorial. /JT
  13. J


    >> If i leave my camper teathered to my tow vehicle (while running) will it charge the battery and if so, how long will it take? Quite possibly forever if you have a modern tow vehicle. Today, most alternators are controlled by the engine computer and most will cut out (quit charging) below ~...
  14. J

    Thank you and good night...

    [*blushes*] Aw, gee. Thanks! /JT
  15. J


    >> Hello all! My name is Kim and I'm in Hatboro, PA. [*waves*] Hi Kim -- glad you could make it here Ooooh! Sigh! Give her your attention! Do ... I ... really have to mention? She's the Onnnnne! Kim bought my camper and has promised to take good care of it! She and her...
  16. J

    Thank you and good night...

    Hi all, With the sale today of my Coleman Williamsburg, I'll be ending my regular participation in the Forum. The camper went to a delightful family in a town not too far away, and they promised to take good care of it. Their son is completely over the moon about it. I also strongly...
  17. J

    cleaning out the crusties

    Go to a good hardware store, then find the housewares section. You want a small "spout brush", specially designed for spouts on coffee pots etc., but also handy for cramming into those socket receptacles. Also, carb cleaner or brake cleaner at the same time. Alternatively, rip a piece of fine...
  18. J

    tail light lens for coleman columbia?

    Oh, rats. Your lenses are the later style; I have a pair of older ones without the built-in backup lenses. Sorry. It does look like you might be able to substitute the Bargman lights linked above. You'd have to remove the existing units but the new ones might fit in the slot. Check the...
  19. J

    tail light lens for coleman columbia?

    Please post a picture of the surviving one. I may have what you need. /JT
  20. J

    battery drain after trip.

    >> ...a switch controlled voltmeter just inside the door (wired into the porch light) and it reads 12.8 or so while on DC, but does in fact read 13.7 or so while plugged into AC. You're telling me that this means that it is charging my battery? -- No, I don't think so. On DC, it's showing...

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