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    Attention All Veterans

    US Air Force 1988 to 2009
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    Why can we all afford trailers?

    I am retired military with a nice civilian job and my wife works as a library assistant in a school. While in the military we learned to live one pay grade below the rank I was at so we could save. Whenever we wanted something nice we would save for it and then buy it. We never make impulse...
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    Edisto Beach State Park, SC *Warning*

    We just got back from Edisto Beach State Park, SC. While we had fun, it was the worst trip we have ever had. Edisto is the most expensive State Park in SC and it fills up fast. 11 months ago I found one opening for the Beach loop and jumped on it. We have been to this park 3 times in the past...
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    Need advice about a new campground w/the fam

    I would suggested driving a few more miles and going to Huntington Beach State Park. MBSP is a cramped camp site. HBSP has camp sites with a lot of space, takes a minute to get to the beach, has a lot to do in and around the park and is close enough to Myrtle Beach to do what you want. We used...
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    Heading to Huntington Beach SP next week

    We will be at HBSP Memorial Day weekend. This is a great park, lots to do. Across Hwy 17 from the park is Brookgreen Gardens. An awesome place to spend the day, they have grey squirrels that look like Lemurs. At HBSP we always stay on site 59, easy to get into and a nice large tree for shade...
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    What do/did you folks do as your profession?

    I retired from the US Air Force after 21 years. Now I am a contractor for the USMC testing software that deals with Weapons of Mass Destruction. It's a big change, in the USAF I responded to WMDs, now I sit in a cubicle and ensure the software the USMC uses for WMDs works like it is supposed to.
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    What are the 2 biggest gripes about your camper?

    My #1 complaint is there is no sound barrier for when the Extra Large Hemi/Flux Capacitor Diesel pulls in right next to you at midnite. My #2 complaint is having to set up the PUP based on where the water/elec is located. I have been to many site where I had to give up a view due to location of...
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    Hunting Island, SC 3/21/14 - 3/23/14

    We walk on the beach to the light house from the camping area. There is a section with downed trees in the ocean and on the beach that make great photo opportunities. While at the pier walk down the cabin path. Once you get to the cabins check out what erosion has done and you will also see the...
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    What do you have planned for this spring?

    For Spring Break we are going to be cruising on the Disney Dream. For Memorial Day weekend we will be at Huntington Beach State Park, SC. All other weekends during Spring we will be taking our Kayaks out to islands within the inter-coastal waterway here in the low country of SC.
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    What trip do you remember most from 2013?

    Our favorite was Huntington Beach State Park, SC. First time at this park, always did the Myrtle Beach State Park. Loved the beach and the location. Did alot of fun stuff and made many memories.
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    Fourth of july weekend

    We are heading to Devils Fork State Park, SC...Doing 4 nights. Bought 2 tandem kayaks and plan on visiting all the water falls. Can't wait, this will be our first time at this park.
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    Myrtle Beach State Park Oct. 18-21, 2013

    When visiting Myrtle Beach we stay at Huntington Beach SP. Much nicer, less noise, worth the drive.
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    Camping With Pets; How Is That Working Out?

    Our dog Twinkie (Morkie, 7 Lbs) goes camping with us all the time. She loves going for hikes and loves the beach. When we go for bike rides or when we go to town she stays in the PUP with the radio on. After I get the PUP set-up I put up a plastic garden fence, so she has a fenced in yard...
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    Santa's Wish List-

    I asked for and put on order a BAL Leveler, should be here first week of Jan.
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    So, what did you do for your camper, December 2013?

    Ordered a BAL leveler, should get it first part of January. She is in the garage until Spring. Santa stopped by and put presents inside the PUP for DS and DD. Great hiding spot.
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    2014 camp trips planned so far

    So far, this is what we booked for 2014: 1. Spring Break -- Disney Cruise, can't bring the PUP 2. Memorial Day Weekend -- Huntington Beach SP, SC 3 nights 3. 4th of July -- 4 nights at Devils Fork SP, SC 4. First weekend of August -- 3 nights at Edisto Beach SP, SC 5. Labor Day Weekend -- 3...
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    Raccoons in the cooler

    To CMA7777, We did Huntington Beach this summer and as we were setting up my kids noticed a huge raccoon sitting in the woods watching us (about 10 yards away from our site). It sat there for a good 15 minutes. That was a clue to be coon smart. Trash was always either put in the dumpster or in...
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    Who has bought a new popup and had no major problems?

    We bought a Jayco Jay Series 1006 and are loving it. The only problem I have had is the hot water knob on the sink has broken twice. Now I just take it off prior to packing up and put it on when we set up camp.
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    Just got back from the Island

    We did our annual trip to Hunting Island State Park (HISP), SC. We were on site 76, which is one site away from the beach. The site is a pull thru for PUPs, but back in for trailers. This was our 5th year doing the Island and it is soooo relaxing. Every morning the dog and I would wake up to...
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    whos camping this upcomming weekend?

    We are going on our yearly trip to Hunting Island State Park, SC this weekend. I reserved this site last year, I could have sworn I put in the dates for Labor Day weekend. I got an e-mail from Reserve America wanting me to pre-register and that is when I found out I put in the wrong dates. No...