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  1. nhlakes

    Closest CG in winter

    Closer than you think.
  2. nhlakes

    Harvest Host doesn't allow PopUps

    We enjoyed Harvest Host locations for a couple of years in our travel trailer. Always enjoyed our stays. As stated above, it's not intended to be camping. Locations are intended to be overnight stops at local businesses. And, yes, I'd assume the businesses hope that you provide them with some...
  3. nhlakes

    longest camper to buy?

    We've camped all over the country and the most common length restriction we have seen is 30'. Of course you'll run into a bunch of campground/parks with smaller sites, but 30' is the restriction that we have noticed the most.
  4. nhlakes

    Low Profile 12V Connector?

    USB is much more common these days. You can use many different thing for 12V but SAE plugs come in arrangements that would work.
  5. nhlakes

    How do you easily fill your water tank (without a hose)?

    If you need to pour, a right angle funnel makes it a one person job. I cut the 2nd right angle off one of these and it works like a champ. Back when we had the Aliner we found our water use was low enough that just dumping a gallon in every day or...
  6. nhlakes

    max trailer length for smaller spots

    We try to stick to the state / national / country parks. While various sites will have various lengths, 30' seems to be the most common 'max length' that we have run into in our travels. Make sure you consider the actual length of the entire trailer - not just the model number. Have seen...
  7. nhlakes

    2017 ranger 15. adding front stabilizer jacks

    Yes, same (3/4?) socket size as the originals. I never used the handle. Takes seconds to use a cordless drill and same socket works on the BAL leveler. (Sold my Aliner to PointyCamper a few years ago. ;) )
  8. nhlakes

    Buying out of state and warranty work

    While the camper is under the original manufacturer's warranty it should be accepted at any factory authorized service center. Note the word *should*. The factory does not own the dealers and the dealers tend to play by their own rules. If they are crazy busy much of the time they may tell...
  9. nhlakes

    2017 ranger 15. adding front stabilizer jacks

    I also installed front stablizers on my 2015? Ranger 15 w/ off road pkg. I installed the 22" BAL - just like the ones on the rear if I recall correctly. Currently $82 for the pair... Very easy install.
  10. nhlakes

    No power? PROBLEM!

    I'd run some 2 stroke Tru-Fuel through it to clean it out. If that does not work then you probably need the carb cleaned. Most problems on these little engines stem from old fuel - and the fact that you're not really dealing with a top quality motor there doesn't help. I had 2 stroke...
  11. nhlakes

    Have started shoppping...
  12. nhlakes

    Replace or refill propane tanks

    You asked if it was 'ok' to exchange tanks at a tank swap place. Yes, that's fine. Your camper will not know the difference - unless you swap for one with a bad valve. It happens... As others have pointed out, it is cheaper to have them filled and you will avoid swapping what may be new tanks...
  13. nhlakes

    Long term stay

    At the end of your longest stay in your current pup, did you feel like you could double that time and still enjoy it? If so, try it. Keep doubling the time until you convince yourself you need something different. When we decided to turn our 2 week mid-winter FL trips in our large Aliner...
  14. nhlakes

    Removing Propane

    Many consider furnace and stovetop added value, so make sure you consider what it might do to your resale value / sell-ability.
  15. nhlakes

    What does the battery actually do?

    You've received lots of good advice here, but the simplest thing to do, assuming you have the camper stored in the driveway, may be to just plug it in for a couple of days, then un-plug it and see what works. The small amount of charge from your minivan would not be enough to restore the...
  16. nhlakes

    Financing my new highwall

    In some parts of the country, getting a campsite on a weekend was a problem before Covid. With the amount of new campers sold this year, I suspect that many of those who purchased are going to be in for a shock when they discover how difficult it may be to find campsites once things return to...
  17. nhlakes

    Where to park camper

    I don't know... In my rather facetious example of someone allowing a GPS to talk them into crossing a flooded and washed out road, that sounds more like a "hold my beer, watch this!' situation rather than an 'oops'. ;) Regardless, this is not a serious conversation and has nothing to do with...
  18. nhlakes

    Where to park camper

    I suspect those who would follow GPS instructions telling them to drive onto a washed out road would have done the same following a paper map. And, I agree. Those folks should not be using a GPS. Or driving a motor vehicle for that matter. ;)
  19. nhlakes

    solar charger recommendations?

    Totally makes sense that the stator could not make up for the frequent lifting and lowering the plow. Often put mine on the charge after plowing. Good luck the panel - and Merry Christmas ;)
  20. nhlakes

    solar charger recommendations?

    That was my assumption too, but in post 26 Arlyn suggested that was not the case. I used an elec winch to raise/lower the plow on my atv, but some are manual.