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    Trouble in Hot weather

    I had the same issue, but I tackled it a bit differently. I made a very advanced fan mod after the first fan mod proved to have some problems. In short, I built an aluminum fan shroud with two segments and I relayed each fan through a separate thermal switches. Initially before the advanced...
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    What is your favorite game to play?

    The ONLY time my wife and I play Gin Rummy is when we're camping. If we're in the mood to play Gin Rummy REALLY bad, we have to pull the camper onto the driveway and play. Seriously, I'm not joking.
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    Dometic Fridge works on AC/DC but not on Propane

    The flue should heat up, that heat is responsible for creating the motive force for the ammonia solution in the cooling circuit, and you should feel some warmth at the top right side of your vent when the vent is in place. If it works well on electric, then that rules out any leak in the...
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    sink drain hose

    Might want to inquire here.
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    Awning that attaches to side?

    I own a Shademaker that attaches to the sides, but I can set it up either way, with the poles on the ground or attached to the PUP frame.
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    New Awning needed

    I've been down this road before, and I'm going to tell you exactly what works so that you can have additional years of trouble free service. The issue of the awning is of course about the wind, did if blow off in the bag while you were traveling? There is a weak design issue here. The welt on...
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    Water heater problem

    I noticed that this is your first post and you're new at this I'm going to suggest you get a hold of the instruction manual for your water heater. Aside from that, the lighting instructions should be posted on the inside of the heater compartment on the hot exhaust gas baffle. If I am...
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    Wanted: Awning Pole Stock

    Unfortunately if you need a stock pole I can't help you, however, if you're open to an alternative, I would take that section of pole over to the Lowe's paint department and see if they have an aluminum extension pole used for painting that might suit your needs. Typically an extension pole is...
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    3-way Pump - Difficult to Pump

    When hooked to city water are you using a pressure regulator?
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    boondocking must have

    This is the stuff I never forget to check 1. My 250watt Grape Solar panel. 2. 5 gallons of drinking water 3. 36 pounds of propane 4. Cooler full of food 5. Pelican cooler full of wet ice with a dry ice topper. Everything else is in the camper. I could camp like this for two weeks easy.
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    Custom Graphics & Signs... where to order & let's see yours!

    I do plenty of this stuff with vinyl. I bought my wife a computer controlled vinyl cutter for her crafting projects, and it seems that I now use it more than she does.
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    Making an opened camper less bouncy?

    I added a BAL 94-1214 to the center section of my E3, and it made all the difference in the world. The frame no longer flexes.
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    Blew a 3 day old tire.

    Did the sidewalls say Made In China?
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    Blue water in cassette flush tank, shouldn't it be clear?

    The fresh water tank will not empty by turning the fill neck to the 6 o'clock position. Just press the flush button until water stops flowing, and watch your fresh water level indicator to insure it is going down and that it is not stuck. Eventually the water will run out. Fill it with clean...
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    Is there a way to hook up a cassette potty directly to sewer at site?

    No, and what's worse, is there is the issue of cleaning out whatever pipe you use to accomplish this feat. There shouldn't be any issue with you emptying the cassette directly into a sanitary sewer in a space with full hook ups. It might stink for a few minutes, but that's about the extent of it.
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    Filling cassette potty water tank

    Insure the camper has been leveled front to back and side to side. Use a garden hose with a very low flow. The water fills the fresh water tank very slowly. If you put your finger into the fill neck and slightly down the pipe, you will feel a baffle/weir that obstructs the opening at the top...
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    Help....Cable broke!

    This too may also help you.
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    Help....Cable broke!

    This should help you.
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    Slamming door

    This is really easy to fix. Please tell everyone to stop slamming the door, and tell them the consequences of doing so will result in a severe beating with a pine branch followed by a traditional campfire stoning, followed then by a multiple poking with a hot marshmallow stick. I wouldn't...