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    So what exactly is the purpose of a camp host?

    At Jekyll anyway they will also help you with any issues you have setting up or breaking down your camper. (Which comes in handy for newbies trying to back into their spot!).
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    the dog when you need to head out?

    We recently went to Jekyll Island and took our 110 lb lab with us. (Not overweight, just huge. He is 29" tall at shoulders). We chose not to take the yappy chihuahuas and that was the best idea we have ever had! The lab was born to camp. In camp he was on his lead but would lie at our feet and...
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    Went to Jekyll Island

    :) Hubby, Boyd (our 110 lb black lab), and I took the PUP on it's maiden voyage as ours to Jekyll Island this past weekend. I really liked the campground. It was quiet, and while older, the public buildings were clean and well taken care of. Jekyll is very pet friendly which was why we chose...
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    Towing 2001 Coleman Santa Fe

    The 2001 Coleman Santa Fe came with electric brakes. I just got the controller for the TV. The sway bar was an added precaution for interstate travel. I would rather be over prepared than under.
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    Hello from Georgia!

    Everyone is so nice here! Even the Yankees, LOL!! I was born south of the MDL, but my daddy liked to move so I grew up all over the eastern seaboard and Texas until we came to Georgia in 1975. No, I do not like the cold and snow. I am most definitely a hot house flower and prefer the beach to...
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    What made you decide to get a PUP?

    I wanted to camp. Motels are outrageous and many aren't dog friendly. I want to spend as much time as possible at the beach! A vintage camper wasn't feasible with our tow vehicles and in reality a pop up gave us more room while taking up less space in the driveway! (We have a tiny drive since we...
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    What do/did you folks do as your profession?

    Paralegal in a personal injury Plaintiff's firm. Have been since 1993. Before that, police officer. Married my husband after meeting him on a call - he was a firefighter responding to the scene. We have two grown daughters so I decided that I wanted a camper for the two of us and our...
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    Code violation

    I am SO lucky! I live in the city, 5 minutes from downtown, in a historic district, but the only restriction is that it can't be on the street for more than an hour. In my driveway, my yard, etc is fine. Our city pretty much says live and let live. My neighbors don't mind - I asked them -...
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    What do you have planned for this spring?

    Since we are new pup owners our first trip will be close by - Lake Tobosofkee in Macon, GA. Then hope to hit Jekyll Island throughout the spring summer, maybe head down to Fernadina if we get the hang of this. Come fall, hope to go to the mountains.
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    UN-announced guests.

    I have a guest cottage, but it is currently occupied by a nephew who lives in it in exchange for doing yard/house work. I have an extra bedroom but no bed at present and the cat lives in there. The other two bedrooms make up the master suite. The pup is in the drive and I'm not inclined to let...
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    Towing 2001 Coleman Santa Fe

    I'll be towing a 2001 Santa Fe with a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe. I have a sway bar and electric brakes on trailer. I will also be replacing the shocks on the TV asap as they are a little bouncy. Towing it home from the RV dealer was a breeze, but I know that if we want to do mountains, etc we will...
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    Hello from Georgia!

    My husband and I just recently purchased a 2001 Coleman Santa Fe and can't wait for our first camping trip! We plan on starting slow and staying in Georgia this year - we have beaches, mountains, etc. - and will branch out as we get used to this. Children grown and gone so it's just us and the...