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    Do you miss the tents?

    I do not miss the tents. I prefer the privacy of a TT. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Tent --> Popup --> Hybrid --> HOLYMOLEY-THISTHINGISBIG-TT!

    The bunk room is 3 bunks and then some half shelves. On the other side of those half shelves is a huge outdoor kitchen. Sent from my iPad
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    Tent --> Popup --> Hybrid --> HOLYMOLEY-THISTHINGISBIG-TT!

    We sold our hybrid on Craigslist. Probably for twice as much as the dealer would have offered for trade in. it's definitely the way to go, just takes a little more patience. I honestly never thought I'd buy brand new as we've had fantastic experiences buying used off Craigslist and the...
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    Tent --> Popup --> Hybrid --> HOLYMOLEY-THISTHINGISBIG-TT!

    We tow with a 2015 Ram 1500 5.7L hemi (VVT) with 3.93 RAR crew cab, with the 6 foot box. It has 1,770 lbs payload, 10,320 towing, max GCVW 15,950 It's basically the biggest gas 1500 for towing. We bought it specifically for towing and told the dealer exactly what we wanted down to the rear...
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    Tent --> Popup --> Hybrid --> HOLYMOLEY-THISTHINGISBIG-TT!

    Well, We've done it... we bought a 33 foot travel trailer. Hard to believe just 4 years ago we bought a used popup. Then we bought a used hybrid. This weekend, we bought a brand spanking new 33 foot travel trailer and I can not be more excited. Sold my Hybrid in 24 hours on Criagslist, too...
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    Glass/plexiglass shower doors for corner showers?

    No, I gave up on the idea. What I did do was hang a bungee cord from the curtain loops to prevent the curtain from sucking inward. Works great. 50cent fix! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Inadequate Tow Vehicle?

    Check for a frontal area limit for towing. 6k# on a flat bed trailer or popup is very different from a full height trailer catching wind.
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    Turtling without unhooking

    We turtle on one-night stops. Hubby sleeps on the couch, I get the dinette. I purchased some wire shelving from Home Depot to bridge the gap between the couch and dinette, and now we can lay our queen mattress topper across both and have one big bed if we want. I've measured, and I don't...
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    Wag more, bark less: Post your dog pics :-)

    Meet LuLu! Half lab/half Jack Russell terrier. She'll either be fast and stupid, or smart and loyal... Only time will tell! We got her from the pound, she's 6 months old. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    my Back surgery today

    If it was a fusion surgery, check again with your surgeon about the ibuprofen. NSAIDs interfere with bone growth. I was told not to take ibuprofen or Aleve until I am completely fused. I'm almost 6mo postop from an L4-L5-S1 fusion. I used to be in such pain that I wanted to cut my leg off by...
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    Apache Question

    Man, that looks rough for 1k. The exterior looks bad, including the cracked ABS on the back. Roof looks bad too. I'd be shocked if it didn't have significant water damage. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Angry and embarrassed

    If all else fails, have the dealership add the components that make up the tow package. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Made the switch to the Darkside!

    Pictures? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    So confused about maximum trailer weight!

    It's a combination of things. Your jeep and Everything inside your jeep including people, gas, gear, food, the hitch your husband installed and the weight of the camper that rests on the hitch can not exceed 5700 lbs. that is your first hard limit. GCWR is the total of your jeep and...
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    First time this weekend

    With propane and a battery, you should be able to run the furnace. The battery is needed to run the fan. Use the battery sparingly to make sure you have enough power to run the furnace. Use the furnace just to take the chill off. if you try to make your pup 70 degrees inside all night long...
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    Noob questions (2005 starcraft 12RT)

    For the slow sink drain, what are you draining it into, and how is that set up? You can drain into a bucket, which will allow plenty of airflow. Many drain into a portable gray tank, which you need to vent to allow air exchange to occur as it fills with water. If draining into a portable...
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    Any regrets on moving up from popup?

    I forgot one more thing: I originally found that one drawback to the HTT was that I couldn't leave the beds made with sheets and comforters still in place like I had done in the pup. BUT I found later, after I added a mattress topper, that If I made the bed around the topper, I could just fold...
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    Help with roof

    ABS pellets: MEK:
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    Pop Up Weight

    It means bone dry (no propane, water, or non-basic options like possibly the awning, fridge, AC, water heater, etc) it weighed 1260 + 190 = 1450. It allows you to load 2000-1450 = 550 lbs of options and cargo without over loading it. From the manufactuerer ir weighed 1450. 1260 of that weight...
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    NUBE Question about bed sizes

    If you get those cotton "jersey" sheets, in one size smaller, they will stretch to fit. Or since you don't own it yet, just bring some sleeping bags and be done with it! Or sheets off whatever beds you already own. It's camping! It doesn't have to be perfect!