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    What size awning on 10' box?

    Hey all, My Palomino 4101 has a 10' box. When I purchased it new, it came with a trimline awning. I am looking to buy a screen room for it. Where do measure for the awning length? The rail that the bag slides in? The bag itself? I am assuming it is a 9' awning, but you know what happens...
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    South Fork State Recreation Area

    Thanks for the review. What month did you camp there? How was the weather? I plan to camp there overnight in mid June on route to California.
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    Site Savers

    I have to deal with this all the time. Entire campsites are "saved", the worst being the week before Labor Day weekend (Learned one time, never again). We like to go camping in the Gallatin National Forest, $5 a night with just vault toliets, pack in and pack out, no water. I guess half of...
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    Wildlife Pictures - post 'em for all to see!

    Got lost in the Gallatin Nat'l Forest this weekend. Saw some moose.
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    Birthday camping

    My birthday was on the 23rd, went camping with the family to celebrate. It worked out nice, I got a bonus camping day because of Memorial day.
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    She's payed off. WOO HOO!

    We tried to go that route too, but pop ups where I live are pretty rare. Decent used ones cost almost as much as new, cheaper ones are total garbage.
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    She's payed off. WOO HOO!

    Habit. It's a car thing, I guess. All my cars are "she". Just don't let the wife know..... [:D]
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    She's payed off. WOO HOO!

    We financed $6800 of it, were making double payments for a year and a half then paid the remaining balance off. No way I was going to carry that note for the five years on the contract.
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    She's payed off. WOO HOO!

    Oh yeah. That's next.
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    She's payed off. WOO HOO!

    Wrote an e-check today for the remaining balance on my loan for our pup. More money now to buy camping stuff!
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    New Tow Vehicle

    Nice truck. I originally wanted a Tacoma, but got a Tundra instead. The Tacoma was a little small for my family and stuff.
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    common courtesy and respect or a cranky old man at 40

    You have your generations confused. Generation X'rs were born between 1965-82. The youngest is now 31 years old. Don't get me started on the baby boomers. They single handedly destroyed this country with their narcissism and greed. So much for the hippy, love everybody crap huh?
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    be more specific

    Try being from Montana. 95% of the general population can't name a city in my state. Those that learned something in high school might know the capital. I just tell other campers I'm from Montana and leave it at that.
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    Murder at Va. campground by security guards

    You guys out east need security guards to camp? Wtf? Is this campsite for million dollar coaches owned by jackwad babyboomers or what?
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    Boondocking in Idaho this weekend.

    Bear spray is your best bet, along with a clean campsite. Can you shoot a basketball rolling downhill towards you? That is the best simulation of a bear coming at you. Your gun is only good when he is actually eating you.
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    What do you do with your kids when...

    My 6 and 3 year old sit in the Jeep and wait.
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    Why did you choose your brand/style of PUP?

    We originally looked for a gently used pup, and found nothing. Just basket cases that needed lots of tlc. Pop ups are not too popular in bear country I guess... So we looked at new ones. We are limited to 3500# max tow capicaty on our Jeep. We wanted a Jayco, but the Jayco dealers within a 200...
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    Yet, another Bal question. 12" tires

    I am about ready to pull the trigger on a bal leveler. However, the site says it is for 13" tires and up. I have 12" tires on my pup. Is there a way, short of installing bigger tires, to make it work for 12" tires? Thanks!