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    Love to fish but need advice

    We love camping and fishing too! We have a pontoon boat - but not the kind you listed. Ours has to be pulled by my husband's F150. When we went to Jordan Lake over Easter - I borrowed my sister's Honda RidgeLine to haul the camper - worked great! It's a pain taking 2 vehicles - but our boat is...
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    My husband loves Pirateland! My stepson and his mom is actually camping there in June for like 2 weeks! They wanted my husband and I to come down... but I'm just not comfortable with that .... It does look like a wonderful campground though! Keep us posted!
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    POLL What are your plans for Memorial Weekend

    We really wanted to go camping but got started on our plans late. All the campgrounds we have looked at are full!!! So if you have any suggestions - let us know. Who knows - I might bring the little niece and nephews over and do the backyard thing!
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    What kind of Cookware Do you use and store in camper

    Just curious to know what everyone uses for cooking when camping. Should we purchase a camping "mess kit" with pans & pots or would a cheap set of pot & pans work? We currently just take a frying pan from the kitchen - but I would love to keep something in the camper. Any suggestions?
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    Anybody in the Raleigh, NC area?

    We live in Winston Salem area. We love to camp at Jordan Lake! I think it would be fun to hook up with new campers! Just email me or reply!