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  1. tfh715


    I'm a to each his own guy on the whole camping thing. I've pretty much done it all and feel adventure and journey was suited for each type of camping that I've done. I've backpacked in and hammock camped or used Lean To's as available or canoed up the lake and tent camped feeding of the land...
  2. tfh715

    What is your opinion? Can you use a dual receiver upside down?

    I tried the dual hitch out for the exact same reason. It was great until I got a bike pinched when backing the PUP into a tight spot one time. I had to remove the bikes while still hooked up and that was a pain. Not a good idea at all. My solution was to get a front hitch for the bike rack. You...
  3. tfh715

    Is my winterizing complete?

    I'll blow the lines out then run the RV antifreezethroughdistribute dryer sheets through out. Also make sure that you have any and all holes, cracks, etc sealed so that mice and squirrels cannot get in. I use wire screen over holes then shoot with foam. In smaller holes or cracks stuff steel...
  4. tfh715

    Tacoma Towing Question

    You won't need all of that just to pull a pop up. You'll be lucky to have 7 lbs in a standard Reese 2" hitch and ball. Just be sure that whichever hitch you get the pop up travels level. You do not want the tongue traveling tipped up or down as this will affect the ride.
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    Don’t bother with bug zappers. Mosquitos are not attracted to light and zappers kill mostly good bugs like moths that are night pollinators.
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    Is the roof toast?...

    Another thought. If you are going to tape over it with enternabond, you could grind or cut out a v shape(not very deep obviously). I would use a dremel if you have one or even a disc sander. Then epoxy in with a fairing or fill epoxy. Don’t use caulk and DO NOT use anything that has silicone in...
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    Battery advise needed

    find a solar charger that will maintain your battery while boondocking. sounds like a 50w-100w charger would be suitable for your purpose.
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    Rm2193 not cooling much on propane

    Cool it down on shore power. Make sure everything you put in there is cold. Us it as storage and extras when you have to go all gas and primitive. Don't ever open the door, haha. Seriously though test it out at home this way to see how long it keeps cool. Then know that is you breaking point...
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    RESOLVED: No power when on battery

    Good call. My Clipper had a kill switch in the galley that was under the swing up sink. So that when you pulled the sink/stove/drawers up it would sit on the switch to activate the power. When the galley was on the floor the switch was no longer activated and killed the power. It really helped...
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    Four Corner Leveling I made my own out of 2x6 though I’d prolly use 2x8 as 6 is just perfect width. Depends on wheel size...
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    Bag awning?

    I have the same bag awning as Grandpa Don here. When we got the Clipper from the PO, there were extra parts for the awning. Turns out they had a good blow come through and twist her up pretty good. I use mine all the time. Like above, you have to angle one side down for rain. I keep mine like in...
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    using cruise control

    So one more vote for CC when it's fairly flat roads. Someone above mentioned why you do not use CC going through hills. Carbon sees the hill coming, the semiconductors don't. Thus it tends to create more of a harsh shift to catch up on the hills. The CC will also do everything in its power to...
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    Do you drink the water from your PUP tank?

    There ya go. If you really wanted to test it out, fill it up at home and drink out of it for the day. You'll know soon enough if your body will react or not. I think it goes without saying that some of us are more sensitive than others when it comes to food and water. I'm fine with the water...
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    New Fridge

    Take the fridge out and burp it. My Dad and his buddy used to go around our camp in Canada and do maintained each. Every now and again you’d see a fridge on a picnic table and know they had been there. When you rotate it around you’ll hear the liquid inside. If you don’t it may have leaked out...