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    Need Coleman Bayside?

    Alan did you sell your bayside yet? If not send me a message i'd like more information.
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    Lawn Mower vs Snow Blower

    It's been so long since i've checked in I missed voting :( but i'll give my input here...snowblower hands down...yeah it's cold, yes I am sick of winter but with the snow blower I can always put on more clothes when it gets colder with the lawnmower I can only shed so many before the neighbor...
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    Tired of hybrid owner friends cutting down our PUP

    A tt or hybrid an upgrade ? I think not ! Less room,more weight and wind resistance, been there done that. A hybrid is a lateral move at best and a tt is backward in my opinion. I've had 8' pup,12',Toyota and Chevrolet based class c's, 27' and 31' 5ers and the 12' pup is the one I prefer. If...
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    Need Tandem Towing advise........

    Essentially you're going to need to build or buy a "toad" and put a hitch on the back of the boat trailer. In many states double RV's are legal ONLY when the front is a 5th wheel. The "toad" creates that type of situation. Think Outside ! ...No Box Required
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    e- book readers

    Ds2 got a Kindle Fire for his 6th birthday. He mainly plays games on it DW reads on it. I have the kindle app on my phone, at first I was thinking it would be a pita to read on "such a small screen" but it isnt its actually a pleasure. I love having my library at my disposal at any time. Think...
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    Has anyone else done this?

    The only thing I would worry about is the road bounce destroying the compressor and possibly breaking the refrigeration coils. Think Outside ! ...No Box Required
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    Canopy lists to starboard by ~2"

    Re: Canopy lists to starboard by ~2" You need to adjust the cables. They should all be the same. You have 3/4" difference across corners. Think Outside ! ...No Box Required
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    diamond plating under roof rack. yes or no?

    Make sure it is sealed so no water can get under the diamond plate. Think Outside ! ...No Box Required
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    Add on slide out.

    I never did it but actually planned it out. I was not going to do the dinette, just the galley. For that project I was going to use 2 pair of 150lb full extension drawer slides and turn my galley into a big drawer that goes out. Think Outside ! ...No Box Required
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    Why not replace a $90 goshen winch with a $65 Dutton-Lainson winch

    If you have a power lift from the factory it will already have limit switches installed on the main cable. No reason I can think of not to use a different winch. Think Outside ! ...No Box Required
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    my pup wont crank up???

    Never ever ever use a regular eye bolt (even if you weld it closed) or bolt type cable clamps in ANY situation where lifting is involved...they WILL fail and you or someone you love may pay a horrible price so you could save $50. McMaster Carr has actual lifting rated eyebolts (they are forged...
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    How do I get this off?

    Look closely at both.the sprockets it is entirely possible the hub(s) (center) is (are) eccentric (offset) that will allow adjustment...similar to the left side of a tandem bicycle drive system. Think Outside ! ...No Box Required
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    2008 Fleetwood Sunvalley - Whiffletree Snapped??

    Don't take no for an answer on it being a "warranty item" replacing a whiffletree is not a terrible job but it is fairly expensive and getting harder to find parts. Think Outside ! ...No Box Required
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    Battery Box Cover Tiedown Solution

    Thanks for the heads up on that Kit ! My "new" battery is a group 31 AGM 110 Ah beast...actually going to have to buy a new box to put it in and fab a new tray for it to sit on if I put it in a box I may just make a cover for it. Think Outside ! ...No Box Required
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    charcoal starter thingy

    Wickedgood lump is well...wicked good ! Can be tricky to find though and ordering less than a pallet makes freight ridiculously priced on a per bag to the chimney ,as everyone has said yep its gonna smoke. Think Outside ! ...No Box Required
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    Battery Box Cover Tiedown Solution

    That is a good price ...I think I paid $6 for one at Walmart ! Thinking I may have to come up with a more secure solution though as when I went to install the optima it was no longer in the garage...apparently the "junker" that I had come get the old freezer and a couple old batteries out of the...
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    Removing Graffiti from the camper

    Do the whole thing in LineX ! Think Outside ! ...No Box Required
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    1977 Bonair Lextra LD6 tent trailer Broken Cable

    I know there is a EU Bonair owner's group...they may be your best source of information. Think Outside ! ...No Box Required
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    Another busted Memorial Day Weekend!

    Thanks to those that serve or have served ! Think Outside ! ...No Box Required
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    installing new slide rails on a 96 coleman santa fe pop up camper

    Pretty much all Coleman's have the same slide system(with the exception of the 80's extend-a-bed) the procedure should be the same for all of them. The biggest problem will be finding replacements. Think Outside ! ...No Box Required