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  1. Tacoma_Jim

    Reconstructed title question

    The reconstructed title could come from a few of reasons, none of which I would think was just the lift system. It was either in a wreck, considered totaled and then has been fixed or was damaged in a storm and totaled or it was stolen at some point and recovered. The owner should be...
  2. Tacoma_Jim

    Greetings from the Seattle area!

    Welcome from a previous Tacoma resident, now in Portland.
  3. Tacoma_Jim

    Bigfoot in the news...

    The only interesting part of "Finding Bigfoot" is the witness testimonies in different parts of the country.
  4. Tacoma_Jim

    So why the Darkside?

    We are switching over next year after a vehicle is paid off. Mostly for the reason stated. Set-up isn't horrible on my hard-sided PUP, but my brothers are done and hooked up to their TVs with their TT and come over to watch me still taking mine down, like it's a show or something. I would like...
  5. Tacoma_Jim

    Any micro lite or Mini lite owners?

    I don't own one, but since I'm switching from a PUP to a TT next year, I am considering the Mini-Lites. I think Forest River has some of the best floorplans out there.
  6. Tacoma_Jim

    Emptying Porta-potti - Did I make a grievous error?

    This thread originated by saying that they dumped, rinsed and dumped again. I didn't see where it said how it was rinsed. I wouldn't have a problem with a cassette being dumped down a toilet. I would just hope you didn't have it anywhere near the sinks.
  7. Tacoma_Jim

    Bear Attractants

    generok......that's because all the bears are hanging around the campgrounds, like Yogi Bear. [:D]
  8. Tacoma_Jim

    How "close" is "close" - Campsite spots next to the other campers

    We drove through a KOA last summer for the first time. Yikes! That was too close for me, let alone an RV park. I do like my state park sites with hook-ups, but that was too open and close for me. I suppose they would work if you were using them to travel and only stopped for the night.
  9. Tacoma_Jim

    Research before making reservations!!

    The campgrounds on I-84 in Oregon are pretty bad. Right off the highway and could here trucks all night. Woke up the next morning to the sound of a train going through the campground blaring it's horn. OK, it wasn't actually IN the campground, but the track ran at the edge of the campground...
  10. Tacoma_Jim

    Looking into the dark side?

    I too have been looking, to switch over in the next year or so. I've been eyeballing the Forest River Rockwood Mini Lites. I like their floor plans. Especially the 1905 and the 2306 for the extra sleeping capacity. I don't have experience with the Murphy bed, but I really like the idea of...
  11. Tacoma_Jim

    2014 - Washington Summer Outing

    Re: 2014 Washington State Rally I have cancelled my reservation and won't be attending. D91 is now available.
  12. Tacoma_Jim

    Propane levels

    I got gauge that measures the weight. I really like it.
  13. Tacoma_Jim

    To potty or not to Potty...

    We have a toilet and wouldn't dream of having a trailer without one for night time #1 only. Bummer is it has small holding tank and I wish it had a cassette toilet. If the cassette toilets weren't so much, I would probably switch it out.
  14. Tacoma_Jim

    Questions on Dometic Refrigerator in 2007 Fleetwood

    I have a 2008 Fleetwood with Dometic and you can't see the flame. I've been driving with the propane for the last year and haven't had a problem. I believe my manual said you could drive with propane on.
  15. Tacoma_Jim

    tire pressure

    Any pressure above or below the recommended is just going to wear your tires wrong. It's best to put in what the sidewall says. They've already done the figuring for us. :)
  16. Tacoma_Jim

    Thinking of removing my fresh water tank for extra storage on my pop up

    I would say go for it, but I would save the tank so you can put it back if you sell it. I wouldn't think you would get water coming out the hose from the tank when on city water or else everyone's tanks would fill up every time we hook up.
  17. Tacoma_Jim


    I figure it's better to be safe than sorry, so a little bearing grease. Plus I find it drops on a little easier if you are a smidge off.
  18. Tacoma_Jim

    Tow Vehicle - hitch ball me yours!

    I bought one of those black rubber sleeves, but it suctions on there and I have trouble getting it off, so now it is the bright yellow tennis ball. The bright color also reminds me to keep my legs away. [:D]
  19. Tacoma_Jim

    Why you should winterize your water system

    We went camping on Mothers Day weekend, when a PUP backed into the spot next to us. I was going to wait until he was set up to go over and introduce myself, when he came over and said he was new at these trailers and asked if I could help him with something. Of course I went over to see what...
  20. Tacoma_Jim


    I don't level on the tongue or A-frame. I found that it's not the same "level" as the box is. I think they just got close when the welded it on. I also have seen people say they use a phone App, but since my phone doesn't seem to know which way I have it tipped half the time, I'm not sure I...