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  1. Papa Glenn

    What Wheel Bearing Grease are You Using?

    It’s time to get the A-frame ready for hitting the road and wondering what grease you all recommend. I’ve always used some generic waterproof grease in that’s but made the mistake of reading reviews and went from confident to confused. Thanks.
  2. Papa Glenn

    Considering Switching to A-Frame

    Our Aframe table came with folding legs. It was so heavy my wife struggled to set it up (she does inside/I do outside). And the legs always seemed to be in the way. I changed it over to a pedestal mount and it works so much better for us.
  3. Papa Glenn

    Blackstone, bbq’s or campfire cooking?

    Have always used a gas grill for camping for over three decades. Our A-frame came with a grill that hangs on the side. Didn’t think I’d like it being attached but it has been awesome. Use it daily when we camp.
  4. Papa Glenn

    Bike rack for ALiner Expedition

    We have racks on the roof of our Aframe and transport our bikes there.
  5. Papa Glenn

    Adding sink to Aliner Scout?

    It is a pretty easy mod (did it on a camper van years ago - use a hand pump faucet). You can save some interior space by draining the sink to the exterior into a bucket or tote tank.
  6. Papa Glenn

    Camping days are over for a while!

    Where do you like to go in the Sierras? We stayed at East Fork on Rock Creek the end of July and at Trumbull Lake near Virginia Lakes in August. Love being in the high country. We downsized from a truck camper on a 1 ton duality to an A frame pulled originally by our Chevy Astro and now by our...
  7. Papa Glenn

    Sticker shock

    We have a 2021 Flagstaff T12RB (sister to the A122) and love it. Can’t speak to quality difference as don’t have experience with other brands but the quality on ours is good. Only issue in 2 years and over 100 days camping was a small leak on the city water hook up (replace the crimp ion clamp...
  8. Papa Glenn

    Considering Switching to A-Frame

    Forest River A-frames have a hole on the A wall that engages a pin on the roof frame. This prevents the roof from lifting when the A walls are locked in place.
  9. Papa Glenn

    Considering Switching to A-Frame

    We’ve had our Flagstaff T12RB for two years and love it! We’ve had numerous other RVs over the years (campervan, tent trailer, hybrid & truck camper) and each has it’s pros and cons. There is no perfect RV, only one that is best for your situation. The A-frame is perfect for us at our stage in...
  10. Papa Glenn


    My sister recently upgraded to a larger vacation home because at 3,600 sf, 5 bedrooms and 5 1/2 baths, her old one felt too crowded when she had her whole family there (6 adults, 4 children under 5). It’s all perspective.
  11. Papa Glenn


    We were amazed how much storage our Aframe had when we purchased it. We were moving from a large truck camper and thought we’d be seriously cutting back on gear but it all fit. And we’ve done three weeks with no issues.
  12. Papa Glenn

    How much does *your* A-frame weigh?

    DOT is the agency with jurisdiction. The weight stickers are as they leave the factory. Dealer added options won’t be included (and this can be significant). Only hitting the scales will give a true number.
  13. Papa Glenn

    How much does *your* A-frame weigh?

    Our Flagstaff T12RB has a dry weight around 2,200 lbs. and max of around 3,200 lbs. We run near the middle of that range at 2,700 - 2,800 lbs. our Jeep Cherokee has a 4,500 lb. tow rating and I wouldn’t want to tow much larger with it.
  14. Papa Glenn

    Securing Portable Solar Panels

    Harbor Freight sell a nice 3/8”, 30’ long vinyl coated cable for $14. Add a good lock and you’re set.
  15. Papa Glenn

    Anyone camping in a Rockwood A-frame?

    We have a 2021 Flagstaff T12RB that we bought a year and a half ago. We’ve logged 84 days camping in it so far and love it!
  16. Papa Glenn

    Tow vehicle suggestions.

    BikeNFish asked the key question - are you looking at dry weight or max weight? we just bought a Jeep Cherokee with factory tow package (4,500lb rating) and it is doing a great job towing our 2,700lb loaded A-Frame trailer. If your number is max weight, it could be a good choice. If your number...
  17. Papa Glenn

    Mounting a rear camera

    I’m “frugal” so went as cheaply as possible. I picked up an inexpensive camera kit for my TV (under $40) and, as they gave me the option of receiving a free 50’ extension, decided to spring for an extra camera (less than $10 on eBay) to mount on the trailer. Mounted it to the sub floor under the...
  18. Papa Glenn

    Rockwood M122A Hardside A frame Propane heater

    There will be power supplied from the panel (red & yellow wires) and there will be thermostat wiring that connects through the AC/heat pump to the thermostat (blue wires). The switch you are turning on and off is there to shut the unit off completely. It’s not intended to be the normal way of...
  19. Papa Glenn

    Rockwood M122A Hardside A frame Propane heater

    Disconnect one of the thermostat wires at the furnace and see if it still comes on with the switch. It sounds like the wiring was repaired incorrectly and it is always calling for heat.