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  1. soter01

    What State? When is your first 2023 trip? What will be the predicted weather?

    First trip in 2023 was at Death Valley January 9-12. Cold and wet temps in the 40's -30's at night 50mph winds and rain. Hiked to the salt flats at Badwater in the rain. Almost lost my Easy Up to the wind when a gust pulled the heavy duty stakes out of the ground. Spent too much time in the...
  2. soter01

    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    We started with a small tent I had from my college days. Then upgraded to a 12 X 12 Eureka tent when the kids came along. In 1997 we upgraded to a Jayco 1006 to get off the ground. (My parents had a tent trailer, a Puma, back in the sixties. So I was familiar with popups.) In 2011 we were...
  3. soter01

    ATV or powered trailer dolly to park camper?

    I use a Trailer Valet. It works great and takes up very little room. The safety brake makes uphill moves safe.
  4. soter01

    Source for Chalet rear window flashing

    Eternabond Tape worked for me. It held even under a high pressure washer aimed straight at it. Scott the mechanic at CustomRV in Hawaiian Gardens, California recommended it. It looks neat installed.
  5. soter01

    Chalet A-frames?

    I have a 2006 Chalet XL1930. We bought it used in 2015. Before that we had a 1993 Jayco 1006. We upgraded to the Chalet after a Memorial Day weekend near Mt. San Gorgonio when it snowed over night. With the Chalet I can keep warm. Mostly dry camp since that was what we did with the Jayco...
  6. soter01

    Remembering our Jayco 1006

    We bought a brand new Jayco 1006 in 1993. It was sweet and i could tow it with my old Toyota minivan (4 cylinder with 5 speed manual shift). My wife was very skeptical about it. The kids were 5 and 3 years old. We had been tent campers since before they were born. The first night Linda got...
  7. soter01

    Official 2017 Winter SoCal Rally Carizzo Plains

    Sorry, we have to bow out. Have a great rally.
  8. soter01

    2016 SoCal Halloween Rally

    We returned to Ocotillo Wells Saturday afternoon and retrieved out trailer from the repair shop. We took Gardenbliss's advice and booked one night at Borrego Palm Canyon campground. After the rigor of Fish Creek and the stress of rushing to the mechanic's shop before he closed, staying the...
  9. soter01

    2016 SoCal Halloween Rally

    We had a great time. That is, until the left wheel leaf spring broke on the trailer. Luckily we were right at the intersection of Split Mountain Road and Highway 78. The off road mechanic shop right there has our trailer and will fix it this week. He says he fixes broken springs "all the...
  10. soter01

    2016 SoCal Halloween Rally

    We're making a Hungarian sausage stew (Kolbasz Paprikash) for the potluck. Mildly spicy. See you tomorrow!
  11. soter01

    A Frame members

    2006 Chalet 1930XL
  12. soter01

    2016 SoCal Halloween Rally

    We should be pulling in sometime between 2 and 4 on Friday. Leaving Sunday. It will be good to see everyone.
  13. soter01

    SoCal Halloween Rally location poll

    We plan to be there. 2 adults. Should arrive mid afternoon on Friday.
  14. soter01

    SoCal Halloween Rally location poll

    The Fish Creek notice is still posted:
  15. soter01

    2016 SoCal Halloween Rally

    Here is a link to the fish creek notice: The notice is in a yellow banner across the top of the page.
  16. soter01

    2016 SoCal Halloween Rally

    Just a reminder that, according to, Fish Creek is closed until the end of 2016.
  17. soter01

    Official 2017 Winter SoCal Rally Carizzo Plains

    Linda and Joe to attend. 2 adults, no pets.
  18. soter01

    SoCal Halloween Rally location poll

    FYI- This was posted on ReserveAmerica when I checked on Fish Creek today 8/22: "Closure Notice: Campground closed for remainder of 2016 due to excessive hazard trees"
  19. soter01

    SoCal Halloween Rally location poll

    Might I suggest Oak Grove Campground near Warner Springs. We camped there on Memorial Day and realized it would be a great rally location. The campground is flat within a grove of oak trees. There are single sites as well as quad sites where four camps are clustered. This is a US Forest...
  20. soter01

    Late start to the season

    With the daughter getting married, starting a new job at UNLV and the son moving to Medford OR after being hired as a pilot for Horizon Airlines, we are finally rolling the Jayco 1006 PUP out Friday 7/10 for a two nighter at Burnt Rancheria Campground in the Cleveland National Forest. Looking...