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    What’s in your camper tool kit?

    Part of the “fun” when camping in a PUP is when you’ve got to fix something while at the camp site. It’s not always that much fun, especially if you don’t have the right tool for the job. I personally carry a small tool kit that includes various pliers, screwdrivers, duct tape, a multi-tool, a...
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    $8 supplemental sleeping bag heater

    Hot water bottles are cheap and easy. We use them every night at home, and when it gets cold camping!
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    Show us your PUP bar!

    Has anyone here added a bar, wet bar, wine shelves or otherwise done a cool mod they'd like to show off regarding making their PUP more cocktail ready? Please share pics if you have..
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    Bigfoot in the news...

    Pick another source then. I enjoyed studying anthropology in college, and held the bones in my hands. Gigantopithicus is well known, they just haven't figured out if it found a way to survive beyond the several hundred thousand years ago when we've dated the most recent bone finds - or if it's...
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    Bigfoot in the news...

    We have the bones... Problem is they just haven't found any recent ones - -- 3 species have been identified so far...
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    Can I use the fridge inside my pup in bear country?

    I would be a lot more careful in Grizzly country, but don't see little black bears trying to pry open a PUP to get to the inside with people in there yelling, etc :D [CP]
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    new tankless water heater

    My 6 gallon water heater heats up so fast it's a non-issue. We're talking about 2 mins to have very hot water. I do have to light it though, which is a minor inconvenience to the tankless.
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    no power

    Check the GFI reset
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    no power

    You talking about the 110 plugs inside? Those wont work unless the camper is plugged in.
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    Converted Cargo Trailer Camper

    Seriously cool! Almost like one of those "little houses" people make.
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    My baby is now hibernating

    In Colorado Springs it got to 23 degrees on Tuesday so I went ahead and winterized her also. Didn't want to give up on camping season so soon, but had to do it!
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    What do you eat while camping?

    Love the Hobos! We've been cooking chicken enchiladas at home the night before and bringing then to camp ready to drop in a Dutch oven with sauce. Yum! Also love to make gourmet blue cheese burgers at home, bring them in Tupperware and just drop then in the grill. Caprese salad and filet...
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    empty portapotty less than half full?

    Agree that if you don't dump it (and I bleach it) after every trip -- your camper will smell like poo the next time you open it up from storage. Those gaskets are terrible and always end up leaking!
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    How cold does it have to get before you stop camping in PUP?

    I would camp as long as I could use my water system, because camping without water for hand washing and what not would be rough for me to return to. Also I'd be worried about hard freezes hurting my pipes, etc... I know here in Colorado some nights in the summer have gotten into the 20's in...
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    Coleman/Fleetwood Evolution owners? E1/E2/E3

    Stitches failed on my awning twice and it fell of completely in transit the second time. I know a lot of people who have had this problem. I had a canvas window rip once and I took the panel to a local upholstery shop and got it repaired!
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    Spooky stories anyone?

    I recently told the one about the escaped mental patient with a hook for a hand to my kids. They were scared to death that night! LOL
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    Coffee anyone?

    Wife got me the coleman drip coffee maker for Father's Day this year. Love it! It fits perfect on my PUP stove so I get it set up the night before and just have to wake up, light the stove and go back to bed for 15 mins. :)
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    Adding Auxiliary 12V Sockets -- Need Power Source

    I used the power to my CO2 detector recently and that worked great... In the Coleman evolutions they are mostly easy to access inside one of the cabinets, so no searching for wires required.
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    Spooky stories anyone?

    The headless horseman is always a good one...
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    Propane Fire Pit

    In Colorado I confirmed that a stage 2 fire ban like we had over the 4th of July weekend does not include any propane device with an on/off switch. Both Rangers and camp hosts were very happy with my little red campfire once they checked it out up close. You might still get reported by people...