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    Regular emails have stopped coming, is there a problem?

    Steve, I just got an email from you guys out of the blue. It's been five years. Can you unsubscribe me? I hope you're well. Baron
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    Wanted to say hello to the old-timers

    Howdy! Recovering from surgery and looking for things to do... Thought I'd "pop" in and see who is still around. Haven't been able to camp in about six years now. Don't even have a tow vehicle anymore! I'm scared to ask how many have passed away since I was last here... :( Still giggle that...
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    September 2020 - What did you do for your camper this month?

    Nothing, just looked at it longingly. 4+ years without camping.
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    Raising the BAL Leveler

    Just use the scissor jacks to level the trailer.... [LOL] (sitting back with popcorn to watch the show) [:D]
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    So, what did you do for your camper, June 2016?

    I looked at it longingly... [:(] Almost two years now since we've been camping.
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    No water tank in Starcraft 1701?

    Congratulations! You got one of the BEST popups that isn't a Coleman, and the last good year, too. Have fun!
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    Just a vent

    Trying buying something from overseas... Actually, don't. Trust me.... You'll find a good one. Just be patient.
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    No trailer hitch on the new car? No problem when you haven't camped for a year

    RotNMom, we don't have a hitch installed on the new van yet, hence no trailer. Hitches cost between $1,500 and $2,000 here because they use the European ones or are custom made.
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    No trailer hitch on the new car? No problem when you haven't camped for a year

    No selfie sticks for me! That's my arm. I loathe those things...
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    No trailer hitch on the new car? No problem when you haven't camped for a year

    Here's little Barry and Faith last October. He's taller now, and only in ninth grade. Faith is too!
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    No trailer hitch on the new car? No problem when you haven't camped for a year

    Just a quick shout out to chileankj who sent me a "How are you?" message because of all of the saber(sp?) rattling in North Korea. Everything's fine here in South Korea. We haven't camped in over a year because of our second campus, so FINALLY we went... in a tent. A big tent. LOL No hitch on...
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    Curious about your tow speed

    Our new van has a government-mandated speed limit of 67 mph... Stupid Korean laws...
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    A sad introduction.

    My recommendation is to start scouring craigslist, etc. I have seen unbelievable deals, but you have to move fast.
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    Busted axle - suggestions?

    When the arms of the axle go past horizontal in a resting position. There's a picture somewhere from Lippert showing it. You can get just the axle and switch all the brake hardware over. Look around. R&P Carriages and others sell axles for a lot less than Dexter/Lippert/dealers do. You may...
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    Busted axle - suggestions?

    Serious rust I see. The force is gone with this one. New axle you must. LOL
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    Flip kit

    Sounds cheap. You usually can't just turn the axle over. It has a bow in it for camber. New spring 'saddles' have to be welded to the TOP of the existing axle. Ask them what they are going to do WITHOUT telling them the above. Then you'll know if they are cons/idiots/etc. or not.
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    Ford or Dodge?

    I used to have a super crew, but my buddy has an eco-beast and loves it. I enjoyed the V8 in mine, but gas was a lot cheaper then...
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    Hello from British Columbia!

    Hello Walter!
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    Wiring Diagram 1999 Viking 1706

    You're welcome! Enjoy the pics. There are just a few... [LOL]
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    Thought this was unusual, a swinger

    Here's the thread: