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    Lets see your party lights thread (not sure if there called that anymore..)

    I guess some could be considered Tacky.. Thanks for sharing.
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    Lets see your party lights thread (not sure if there called that anymore..)

    Fairy lights..well, maybe that’s what these are called.. I don’t like any lights on when sleeping either Thanks for sharing
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    Exterior Paint Job

    Looks Great!! I thought about using auto paint and have the equipment to spray it, however I choose to do the brush and foam roller
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    Lets see your party lights thread (not sure if there called that anymore..)

    I’m know that our lights maybe a bit over the top..but our middle daughter gave these party lights to us as a Christmas gift last year. We have only been camping one time in this camper since we purchased it last year. We haven’t been camping since we got these lights though ...and when we do...
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    Exterior Paint Job

    I’m currently repainting the exterior of our 2005 Fleetwood Bayside. I have attached a few photos to show what the exterior looked like when we purchased it and the current new pic of the pup under the carport with the first coat colored paint the wife and I choose to paint it. I also attached...
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    2007 Fleetwood Bayside front storage box (painting)

    Thanks All for the advice! I appreciate it
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    2007 Fleetwood Bayside front storage box (painting)

    I have been doing some online research and came across Rustoleum Plastic primer, however I need to further investigate this product manufacturer specs
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    2007 Fleetwood Bayside front storage box (painting)

    I appreciate the advice. The Gray color of the storage box is original..I’m painting the box White ( I should have clarified that in my OP)
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    2007 Fleetwood Bayside front storage box (painting)

    Hi I’m updating the exterior of our pup which includes the front storage box. I have started to paint that storage box and are using Krylon Fusion spray paint. The paint coverage is poor due to the tiny plastic spray tip with an approximate 1” fanout. The paint leaves a black pepper look to...
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    First Family Vacation - INSANE ISSUES!!!

    Good to know everyone in your family stayed safe during your scary road trip with the pup. It could have been a lot worse. You and your family will make the right decision about the pup. Good luck,
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    not many pop ups for sale, at any price!

    Since the market for pups is so hot right now... I thought about putting our pup up for sale or trade for a TT of equal value, however the wife Want to keep it, since we’ve only used it one time since we purchased it. The pup is a bit much for us to setup and take down though.
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    Adding Grey-Water Storage

    Great job!! I’m currently thinking about using my potable water tank that 15yrs old as my grey water tank. I don’t think it would take much to convert it over.
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    Help diagnosing crank issue on 2000 Coleman

    I have a question about your picture about The white plastic piece that I see. is that white plastic piece an original or aftermarket piece? I have a 2005 Bayside and for some reason I don’t have that piece and maybe that’s why my cable block torques up to the subfloor when cranking.
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    Fleetwood Bayside Wiffletree 12 tooth sprocket wobble when lowering the roof

    Hi! my Wiffletree 12 tooth sprocket wobbles when lowering the camper top, also the chain is affected on the slack side. the 12 tooth sprocket is secured with the roll pin, however I can move the sprocket top out with my figures and the bottom of the sprocket goes back towards the screw- I can...
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    Wireless Backup Camera System for your pup or TT?

    Well, I think after reading the comments in this thread. I will purchase one for my pup. I think it’s worth the investment
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    Upper crank assembly not working and what is the idler pulley for?

    Thank you for clarifying that. I thought someone may have just put that idler on, and not a factory installed item
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    2005 Fleetwood Bayside upper crank assembly issue

    Hi! I have a 2005 Fleetwood Bayside upper crank issue. I believe the assembly is warn (drive shaft threads stripped and the shaft just spins and the sprocket gears don’t move (possibly a broken sheer pin), extension threads are stripped, chain has lots of slack) out. I know I can fix this...