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  1. BBQdave

    Does the tow vehicle cut it?

    Well... 500lbs of cargo in the trailer. And stay at or below payload in the explorer. Driving reasonable speed, what is recommended in your user manual for towing. You've definitely maxed the usage :) I believe it comes down to speed and taxing brakes and transmission. IF you do not over heat...
  2. BBQdave

    Water Cooler and Water

    Thanks for your thoughts and experiences with storing water and carrying water and campground water :) It's nice if you have room in your vehicle or rig to bring water from home, what your used to drinking. And always a welcome resource to have clean drinking water at a campground :)
  3. BBQdave

    Water Cooler and Water

    Thanks for the replies all :) Looks like water containers are the go to source. @Susan Premo do you have a filter system for water or do you know the water is good at the places you camp?
  4. BBQdave

    Outside Camp Kitchen

    +1 for modular system :) I built a chuck box, and tried to use materials to keep it as light as possible. But after loading in cooking gear and other cooking material, it was still heavy and difficult to move around and set up. Containers, coolers and camp table(s) is the way to go!
  5. BBQdave

    Water Cooler and Water

    I was thinking about my water system with coolers. This involves an igloo 5gal water cooler, and sometimes water sourced from the campsite faucet and sometimes water in containers. Campgrounds that I know have good water, makes it easy to source water locally. Dry camping or no campground...
  6. BBQdave

    I Should Have Known it was a Problem When . . .

    Time for a 5 gallon igloo water cooler, complete with a water dispensing system :)
  7. BBQdave

    What do You Tell Them?

    I would have to say the same as Warfarin, get a truck. Can you pull that big trailer with a SUV? Yes, for a short time period before the brakes go, the transmission fails, the frame your receiver hitch was mounted to bends... Get a truck. And tow and be relaxed in knowing you have the right...
  8. BBQdave

    Laminate flooring

    Verify my information, but I believe you are comparing apples to oranges. The trailer floor is treated plywood, with a whole (one piece) vinyl sheet glued on top. That's your flooring in a trailer. The method of (house) laying planks would be costly and add a lot of weight - from the...
  9. BBQdave


    He put that Aliner thru extreme conditions. I marveled at his use case, and mods to make it work. But a good test of the limits of an Aliner. I drew the opposite conclusion, in normal camp use, seemed like a good set up. And good picture of the general maintenance you need to keep up on.
  10. BBQdave

    Boondocking: pack it in/out too much trouble?

    +1 for dry campgrounds as a test run. Usually water and toilets available, so you can have those as extra resources if what you are testing needs adjustments :)
  11. BBQdave

    Time for a new grill

    Might I suggest a Weber Smok'n Joe or the Weber Jumbo Smok'n Joe! Charcoal in, 15 minutes later grill what ya like :)
  12. BBQdave

    Sometimes I’m reminded…

    My frontier (and would imagine most mid-size trucks) are rated at least a half-ton capable. Very happy with the size and towing of my truck. My hitch is rated 5k lbs. Towing 3k is like nothing back there. And I was thinking the same thing Arlyn, mid-size (small) trucks are the same size as old...
  13. BBQdave

    Saris hatchback bike rack off of your truck tailgate

    I've done that, sort of :) On short trips, thru a stadium blanket over the tailgate for a couple of bikes. The challenge, my truck bed is 5'x5' so the bikes take up a chunk of space. If I am solo, one bike, I believe I could rig up something involving a pool noodle and stadium blanket - for...
  14. BBQdave

    Saris hatchback bike rack off of your truck tailgate

    All right I'm frugal. I have a Saris hatchback bike rack that is great, and was great working off of my old station wagon. I have since gotten a truck, and find the places I camp it would be handy to have bikes. I could spend $300+ on a hitch bike rack system. Or... I could MacGyver my...
  15. BBQdave

    Time to change where and when i camp

    Agree. I know camping is something different to everyone. It would be nice to have camp grounds designated "no generators, no speakers." The idea would be a camp for those that want to keep it simple, basic and enjoy nature. My camp has propane, charcoal and wood for comfort. No loud music...
  16. BBQdave

    Does anyone have to make their own camping stickers?

    That's my tradition with the kids :) I get two stickers from our destinations and camps. One goes on my truck tailgate and the other goes on a steel belted cooler. Before I met my DW I had a steel belted cooler with stickers of my adventures and camping. Now it's fun to have a cooler with the...
  17. BBQdave

    Rethinking food options during long drive days

    Pack a cooler! :) It really seems like fast food quality has gone down. I can inexpensively (compared to restaurant prices) pack healthy - want I want food :)
  18. BBQdave

    Time to change where and when i camp

    It's interesting to see the same experiences posted by folks all across the country. I work at a NC State Park, helping the Rangers with general maintenance and clean up. The policy changed on bulk trash clean up. That is if a tent or chairs or camp stoves and other large camp items are left at...
  19. BBQdave

    Are pop ups a dying breed?

    NC State Parks worker here, and I lost count the number of tents, coolers, grills and camp gear abandoned after one night of camping. We fill a long construction container full of bulk trash, homeless and brought from home bulk trash and camp gear - fill the container weekly. So I would image...
  20. BBQdave

    Staying cool camping in blistering heat.

    The kids and I in a tent in the Great Smoky Mountains, sweatshirts and sleeping bags at night, in August :) Love the mountain temps! I wonder if growing up without AC helps with the outdoors and temps. I was in my early 30's before I had a home with AC. Here in NC, the past 3 Summers have been...