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  1. campfreak

    Oregon Profiting Off Out of Staters.

    Wouldn’t the same thing apply to state parks that are run by the state taxes? I don’t really like the idea of paying more, but I understand it.
  2. campfreak

    2007 Fleetwood E2 for sale in SoCal
  3. campfreak

    When to replace tires due to age?

    I have one more thing to add. Get a Jack that fits, and don’t forget that you will be jacking up a flat tire, so the Jack needs to fit a few inches lower.
  4. campfreak

    Eyeing the Fleetwood Utah...

    IIRC, the OP is driving a 4-runner. Probably more susceptible to swaying than your expedition.
  5. campfreak

    Eyeing the Fleetwood Utah...

    Baysides also go by the nickname "sway side" because the weight distribution isn't so good, so beware.
  6. campfreak

    2nd Annual 2017 SoCal Sequoia National Park Rally

    I had a big project come up at work, so we will either be later than planned, or maybe not make it at all. I'm not ready to give up yet, but it doesn't look good.
  7. campfreak

    2nd Annual 2017 SoCal Sequoia National Park Rally

    Well, I think we are in for this one! Hope there is still room! 3 adults. Arriving 6-30-17, leaving 7-3 or 7-4.
  8. campfreak

    Best SUV for towing?

    Like my dad used to say, " It will pass anything but a gas station." :)
  9. campfreak

    Winter Road Closures in California

    I can't speak for the others, but 120 thru yosemite will probably not be open until about Memorial Day, maybe later. There is a lot of snow this year.
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    Hello from California Bay Area

    Welcome from San Diego!
  11. campfreak

    2017 SoCal-ish Spring Party/Rally @ El Capitan SB

    Wish we were there with you guys. Have fun!
  12. campfreak

    Fleetwood E3

    I guess you just used the zerks to lube the bearings. It's not a good idea to mix different types of grease, so at some point you should probably do the whole bearing clean out and repack. That way you know for sure what kind of grease is in there and use the zerks to put the same kind in. It's...
  13. campfreak

    Fleetwood E3

    I haven't fixed it yet. A guy from the FB group put a new layer of fiberglass over the top. I'm thinking about doing that. The roof rack rails have been known to come off, so I think I want to do some repair work on those as well, so I think I will take those off, re-glass the roof, then...
  14. campfreak

    Fleetwood E3

    The cracks are really, really small. I was in the same situation. No leaks, but I knew the clock was ticking. Then came that sad day after some major rainstorms when I cranked up the roof and found a light fixture full of water, and a bunch of stains and mold.
  15. campfreak

    Fleetwood E3

    Good choice on the tires. That's what I always recommend for E series trailers. The styrofoam in the roof will soak up water for a while before it leaks through. Should get it coated sometime soon.
  16. campfreak

    Post upgrade comments - No Complaints

    Your profile still says you are 116 years old. Not that there's anything wrong with that, if it's true!
  17. campfreak

    Wiffle Tree Shear Pin

    Might be a tapered pin that's only meant to go out one way. Maybe you can back it up with a piece of steel or something?
  18. campfreak

    Triple-tow with a Jayco Baja.......

    I think the OP was just annoyed with the uninformed "can't", as was I. I just let it go, and he probably should have , too, but I think we can do without the lecturing from both sides.
  19. campfreak

    Triple-tow with a Jayco Baja.......

    No manual would ever say that, but that frame is probably stronger than the TV frame that's towing it. That said, I wouldn't want the 2nd trailer to be very heavy, mostly because it would be nearly impossible for me to back it up. I would want something I could unhook and move by hand fairly...
  20. campfreak

    Triple-tow with a Jayco Baja.......

    I can't speak for a Jayco Baja, but my E2 has fully boxed 3x6 frame rails. It could probably handle it if I wanted to.