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  1. popuppartyof5

    Advice on camping with Dogs.

    We use 550 cord between trees and then use carabiners on the end of their leashes to hook them up to the 550 cord. Works great and they can move around a bit better.
  2. popuppartyof5

    which would you buy for a family of 5...and possible guests at times?

    We have the 228 without the slide out dinette. We love the floorplan and it works great for us. We bought ours new in 2011. We have fit 5 kids and 2 adults and 2 dogs in it. Even in stormy weather being stuck in it is still comfortable. We love it and plan on keeping it a few more years...
  3. popuppartyof5

    Need Ideas for a new inside decor

    pinterest is a great site to check out ideas. Lots of ideas for redoing a popup decor.
  4. popuppartyof5

    Our trip to Disney World and Fort Wilderness

    Arrived home last night from our wonderful trip to Disney world. We stayed in Fort Wilderness in Loop 1500 at site 1516. What a great campground. I camped here in the late 70s and early 80s with my parents and boy have things changed!!! Best thing about loop 1500 was that it was right...
  5. popuppartyof5

    Checking in at Ft Wilderness

    just read the post again...why did I say welcome to the 11 hours of driving home will make you loopy [SNZ]
  6. popuppartyof5

    Checking in at Ft Wilderness

    We just left Ft. Wilderness this morning! [:D]Had a great time! We were in site 1516, and 1517 in Loop 1500. Loved that loop since we were right next to the pool area, campfire sing along and Trading post. ENJOY!!! And welcome to the portal!
  7. popuppartyof5

    Fort Wilderness - September 2015

    We will be in Fort Wilderness from Sept.13-19th. Looking forward to the adventure! I haven't been since I was a kid. My parents will be joining us with their popup too. When we called for reservations we were unable to reserve a specific site but we did ask to be next to each other and if...
  8. popuppartyof5

    Marine family upgrading from tent camping

    Welcome to the portal! We are also a Marine family living and stationed in eastern NC and buying a popup was one of the best things we ever did. Its a great way to take a quick weekend vacation with out much planning. As you know you can't always plan too far ahead in the Military. :)Some of...
  9. popuppartyof5

    Thetfords- Are they really worth the extra money...

    We bought a popup with a toilet in it specifically because we had young kids and one who was still being potty trained. Four years later and we still love having a toilet in our pup. We do not do #2 in it. Just a personal choice. Has come in handy many a cold, wet night or a hot, buggy...
  10. popuppartyof5

    popup owners from NY

    I used to work at North South Lake as a booth girl then Park Ranger with my twin sister during the mid 90's. I am from the area and really miss it. I go back every summer for a few weeks to my parents who still live on the mountain top. Whenever we are up there we always see tons of popups...
  11. popuppartyof5

    What did you get Pup'ish for Christmas?

    We must have been good campers this year because we received a very nice portable honda generator from my parents. And I bought a spare sleeping bag to have in our camper when my girls bring friends along. I had popup5 monogrammed on the bag too. [:D] My husbands father gave us a really fun...
  12. popuppartyof5

    Camping for Thanksgiving what should we cook???

    Just wanted to update everyone on our thanksgiving meal. It was a huge success!!! We took 2 large turkey breasts and wrapped them in bacon and cooked them in our dutch oven. I pre cooked sausage, onion and apples for my stuffing and combined it at the campsite with a bag of breadcrumbs and...
  13. popuppartyof5

    NC- Medoc Mountain State Park, Halifax County - REVIEW Nov. 2010

    We just spent 3 days for Thanksgiving here and loved it. Stayed at site 32 and the park was nice and quiet and very well maintained. Bathrooms were some of the best kept that we have stayed at. We loved the hiking trails and did 5 miles of hiking while we were there. We are already planning...
  14. popuppartyof5

    Turkeyday camping!

    WE ARE!!! Our first holiday out camping and we are super excited!!! [:D] We are going to cook a turkey breast in our dutch oven and I plan on making green bean casserole and stuffing in crock pots. Looking forward to a fun time. Hope you guys have a great time too!! Happy Camping [CP]
  15. popuppartyof5

    Camping with my family is the best times of my life.

    We bought a popup because of my camping memories. I grew up camping in one and wanted my husband and kids to have the same happy memories that I did. As soon as we walked into the first pup we looked at the memories all came pouring back with the distinct smell that popups have. We went...
  16. popuppartyof5

    Camping for Thanksgiving what should we cook???

    We have reservations for Medoc Mountain for Thanksgiving and will have electricity. I am planning on bringing 2 crock pots and our dutch oven. We are going to smoke a turkey breast too. I am trying to figure out what sides to make. Mashed potatoes are a must along with green bean casserole...
  17. popuppartyof5

    NC to NY

    Hope you have a great trip!Heading up that way later this month. Enjoy! [8D]
  18. popuppartyof5

    Hello to all from Jacksonville, FL

    Welcome from Eastern NC. We camped in your area 2 years ago at Little Talbot Island . Great little park and campground. Happy Camping!! [CP]
  19. popuppartyof5

    Hello from Eastern North Carolina!

    Welcome from a fellow Eastern NC Camper ( Jacksonville, NC) Happy Camping!!!! [:D]