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  1. rich2

    Overland's 88 Coleman Colorado

    Looks great...sorry I was not able to help with the poles, was down an out for quite a while with surgery. But looks like you figured it out. Outstanding job...
  2. rich2

    Underside of bunk ends….is that industry standard?

    Just because I have to be differant, I have a '65 Cox, both bed ends are painted from the factory, 52 years old and still going strong
  3. rich2

    Hi from Southern New Jersey

    Welcome from SE Penna.
  4. rich2

    Newbie From North Carolina

    I have a 65' Cox Campsquire, any pictures of your Cadet
  5. rich2

    1967 Cox Campsquire (looking for parts)

    I have a '65 Campsquire, came bare bones from the factory, only benches and a table inside. The factory screen doors are as scarce as hens teeth, the previous owner made a door which replaces the factory screen door out of plywood, can send you pictures if you would like.
  6. rich2

    First timer in NJ

    Greetings from Penna.
  7. rich2

    When is the canvas too old?

    Just replaced 52 year old canvas on my 65' Cox Campsquire...all depends on how well taken care of it was...
  8. rich2

    Hi! Just bought a vintage pop-up!

    Any pictures...
  9. rich2

    Overland's 88 Coleman Colorado

    WOW...looking good. Glad the one I sold you worked out. Was wondering how it went. Had many a good time in that little Colorado.
  10. rich2

    What time do you leave on Sunday?

    We mostly camp in State Parks, luckily my wife and I have work schedules that allow us arrive mid-week, for two or three days we usually have the area to ourselves. Thenwe kick back and watch people trying to back into there sites on Friday evening...Saturday morning we pack up, after that we...
  11. rich2

    Learn From Me! Check Your Tires or You Are At Risk!

    I bought a '65 Cox Campsquire, I had been looking for the right one for almost twenty years or so. Saw one in a persons backyard after having to detour off the main road due to construction. After talking to the gentleman who owned it, I found out he was the second owner who recently bought from...
  12. rich2


    Welcome from Southeast Pa.
  13. rich2

    Oldies but goodies

    No stove, no sink, no shower, no nothing just benches and a table....a true tent on wheels
  14. rich2

    Oldies but goodies

    Hers is my oldie...’65 Cox Campsquire, just got done replacing the canvas, still have to paint the tongue and put the decals on
  15. rich2

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Greetings from Penna.
  16. rich2

    Back to the (canvas) drawing board

    Almost finished...
  17. rich2

    Grip Tape on Andersen Leveler?

    Before recommending a Bal Leveler you need to find out the tire size, they only work with 13, 14 and some 15 inch tires, for those of us that have smaller tires the Andersen Levelers are great.
  18. rich2

    Back to the (canvas) drawing board

    Just took the plunge and replaced the canvas on my '65 Cox Campsquire, it was 1000 bucks but I feel well spent, the camper looks great now and no leaks.
  19. rich2

    Flat tire?

    I have always used a bottle jack, some boards, and a 1/2 breaker bar, extension and the appropriate sized socket
  20. rich2

    Popup owner for almost a whole day

    Welcome from Penna.