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    Made the switch and I don't regret it

    I got tired of fixing the L&W lift system. Then I got tired of messing with the C&R manual lift kit. I got tired of patching canvas. I got tired of a lot things with my old pop-up. While I still a place in my heart for pop-ups, the reality of camping with a family of five needing a real...
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    West Nile Virus

    Florida only gets a case or two a year? I would think they would get more than that. WNV is part of life in Texas. Texas had 379 reported cases, 6 deaths, and speculated countless other cases in 2014 alone. There were 89 deaths in 2012. Think that was the highest year so far. Most people that...
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    Accessing rear lift cables and winch

    The bunk can stay. With an L&W system you have to remove all the cabinetry. My Viking had screws out the wazoo. I trashed all my cabinetry and rebuilt it with ease of access in mind. If re-doing lift cables from slug to whiffletree go ahead and lube the springs and tracks too. I used axle grease...
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    Mosquitoes ...Thermacell and what else

    The bands don't work. Fans don't work. Skin-So-Soft doesn't work. A bug zapper works. Deet works. Terra-Shield works. I am not one of those crazy essential oil kind of persons, but the doterra terra-shield works wonders. It has lemongrass, citronella, and some other stuff. It smells strong, but...
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    Moms camping with kids alone?

    I grew up camping with my mom. We had tents. My dad went once, and my brother went maybe once or twice. It was always her and me though. Sometimes my cousins and aunt & uncle would come too, and they had a PUP. I wouldn't worry about it. State campgrounds have park rangers that keep an eye on...
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    Electricity problems!

    Sounds like there is a short somewhere. Since the shore power isn't working very well either it may be in the converter. If there is that much drain it can only be a short somewhere. Start by tracing the wires to make sure they don't have damaged jackets that are contacting the frame somewhere...
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    Low profile tires

    ^ This quote FTW. The guy that passed me with the rickety horse trailer filled with horses doing 85mph was apparently playing at the high roller's dice table.
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    Who Do You Camp With?

    I wish we had a group to camp with. Don't get me wrong we camp as a family which is great, but no one we know is into the outdoors. That would make it more fun for us. I work weekends, so that eliminates about 99.99991% of non-senior citizens and families in our life stage. Though getting...
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    What grade of oil do you use?

    Go over to and they have everything you could ever want to know about oil. From what research I have read the 5W-20 is mainly due to emissions and fuel mileage. The thinner oil reduces resistance in the engine. The government is forcing automakers to squeeze out every last...
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    Our dehumidifer actually heats the air. It blows out hot air, and it is not a heater type model. It fills up with water fast (holds 2 gallons) when used in the camper. It is also very bulky and takes up a lot of space. The air is nice and dry though. It makes the heat that it produces feel not...
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    Vehicular Discrimination?

    In Texas all lanes are travel lanes by practice. By definition left is for passing, but not here. Even the cops use it for cruising. Passing on the right is very common on the interstates too. I find it funny when we go to the East Coast that people will often sit in the left lane being blocked...
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    Vehicular Discrimination?

    That sums up your whole post right there. It's Houston. I don't think it matters what you drive around an urban area. Same with Dallas and Austin and San Antonio. I will admit I am like the majority of Texans; we don't use turn signals that often. We just change lanes and make turns. I never put...
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    Had to get a new truck

    Yeah, it probably was a devious thing to do. If the dealer keeps it they will go over it and clean it out. If it goes to auction it probably won't matter because it will be blown up in an allied air strike anyway.
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    Had to get a new truck

    So, I had to get a new truck. A newer used truck anyway. Here is my story... We went away for a week on vacation. All the heavy rain that Texas was getting was making critters evac and come to my house. Somehow mice got into my 2007 Nissan Frontier and took up residence. I was wondering why I...
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    Introduction to y'all

    The last owner of my 2,000 pound camper towed it with an older Nissan Maxima. The Fushion could do a small Newport, especially around the flat parts of Texas which is like 75% of the state. Probably not the best setup, but I always remember my times in other countries where they could get two...
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    Any experience with the C&R external lift system

    I have a Viking 220 with a 13' box and metal & wood roof. I do not have an A/C on top, as my A/C is mounted in the back wall. My roof isn't that heavy. The previous owner put in heavy wood paneling to cover up some water damage, and once I pulled the water logged panels out and replaced them...
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    Low profile tires

    Seeing how it appears OP is in Florida he could probably put whatever he wants on his trailer. The suspension on the camper probably isn't all that great so the low pro's would probably transmit all the vibration and bounce to the camper. The wider contact patch could cause the trailer to find...
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    I am looking to purchase my first pop up camper. please help

    Have you looked at travel trailers too? One thing to note is that pop-up bed sizes are not to regular mattress standards. A king size slide out is not the same size as a king size bed you'd find in a bedroom. Usually if anyone is over 6' then things might get cramped in the sleeping department...
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    Lift System Crossroads - New C&R vs Old LW

    C&R for the win. I just ordered one myself. I have messed with the L&W long enough. I saw an older camper with the C&R and the owner said he'd never go back to old lift system because of all the hassle he had with it. I am actually considering ripping out all of my L&W system since I don't plan...
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    Any experience with the C&R external lift system

    I just ordered the C&R kit and look forward to installing it. Kitphantom used it on one of her campers. There are pictures around here somewhere. I am tired of my '86 Viking's L&W. You can go to my incomplete website and see what I did to my lift system. If you take the L&W system to a RV place...