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    More fridge questions

    Could be the vent clogged a bit so just condensation not venting correctly. When i purchased mine i pullled it out cleaned everything as best i could. Mine went fron not coolong to working great even freezing items in a bit cooler weather. Lots of good info on here on cleaning and getting...
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    Propane fridge

    It will run forever. It is just a small pilot light that barely sips propane.
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    Keep or Pull it out?

    Love to use ours. We pack a weekend of cooled food for 3 easy. Keep it operating correctly no temp issues and plenty safe. Much better tham water logged food!
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    Before I go BOOM!!!

    Should go tank into HP regulator then T to outside hook up and into LP regulator into inside lines.
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    Hydroflame 7916-II: Turns off, MAY run again if reset, blowing fuses.

    I would check all connections. I had a similar issue and found out a connection I checked probably 4 times was shorting out
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    Dual 6V GC2 Batteries on 97 Coleman Pop-Up

    I go dual 12v and have no issues for a week easy, assumming no heater. Running heater some 3-4 nights. We juat dont use much electricity. A bit at night as we hit the sack and charging phones or sons tablet is about it
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    Atwood 7916-ii hums and shuts down

    I have a 98 coleman with the above mentioned heater. I just had the heater out to repair the squeaky motor. After re assembling the unit it will not start. When the button is pushed on, it humms for a few seconds then the switch shuts off. Assume the switch is also a breaker. Any help would...
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    Lp vs natural gas for fridge

    Love my fridge in my camper! So made me think why not have one on my deck. Does anyone know if you could run one on natural gas?
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    Toast in the morning?

    I just use foil over the fire grate, like a pan but easier I do bacon the same way
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    Canvas water proofing

    What's the year and make of your pup?
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    Portable ac in 98 coleman

    I went a head and rented from a guy that runs an audio visual company and rents it out on a normal basis. I should have looked deeper to see if it needed cleaning. For 25 bucks i figured worth trying. I jave sonce found a 12000 btu unit for 150 i will probabaly biy and see what happens
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    Portable ac in 98 coleman

    Hello all. Looking for feedback from anyone using a portable ac in older pup. I rented a 10000 btu init tnis weekend and it never cooled off at all during the day. About 95 here in kansas city. I dont know the unit I rented was working well Just curiuous if someone with a simiar set up has...
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    Ticking sound around wheel

    Try to tighten your lugs,, that cause a click,, found out the hard way
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    Removing Heater- Squealing Motor

    Thank Erik,, that gives me enough confidence. I always like to know there is nothing crazy and need some special tool before I start. Ill be tackling this week, but I think I need a new motor, as mine is more like a dry bearing and as I read, hard to oil. But thanks again!
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    Removing Heater- Squealing Motor

    My heater motor is squealing like crazy, assume I need to replace. I'm pretty handy, but prefer to watch a video if available before removing the heater. Does anyone know of a good video showing the removal of most any make / model? I have a 98 Grandview and want to make sure I don't get...
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    Why am I having such a hard time finding 175/80r13 D?

    Order from Etrailer on the rim? I assume the have it,,, as I have gotten a couple sizes from them that way. then it just swapping the spare. you could have them sent somewhere to pick up on your trip? or as you said,, 700 miles is not much then fix at home in the same way.
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    Coleman outside stove

    standard high pressure hose, can still be purchased at any walmart, amazon etc. It will be a black hose, withe brass ends, and there is a finger in the middle
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    Cassette Toilet Question

    Did you fill the holding tank, not only the waste tank? It will take a few pumps to prime it, but should not take much, I have the exact same set up PUP and all
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    Pup Fridge not working

    I would do some search on how to clean it out really well, work on some baffles. Also, on mine, I took it out and let it sit upside down. I read somewhere the ammonia can settle if not used for an extended period. Between all this it works great! and mine would not cool either the day I...
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    Pop out, not a pop up

    Either way, you do see a lot of innovative ideas from over seas compared to here. Also as far as width / length,, just jack knife it and boom you are no on the lenght of the site, not going past the edges of the width.