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  1. KampCraft79

    New to Me 1999 Dutchmen PUP

    I did a high gloss oil based enamel. This is the 2nd camper i have done with this type of paint and its been great so far.
  2. KampCraft79

    New to Me 1999 Dutchmen PUP

    Yes, there are (2) roof supports on the inside of the camper. Basically metal bars that go across.
  3. KampCraft79

    May 2017 - What did you do for your camper this month?

    Made some drawer slide outs. Had scrap wood in the garage and bought $5 drawer tracks from Lowes.
  4. KampCraft79

    New to Me 1999 Dutchmen PUP

    Fresh Paint and Graphics and it looks brand new! Loving this PUP!!
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    2 Camper

  7. KampCraft79

    signs signs everywhere the signs

    I painted my own, and got vinyl letters from a friend with a machine that cuts them. Way cheaper than ordering on off Etsy.
  8. KampCraft79

    Let's see a picture of your rig on the road!

    Headed to Caddo Lake State Park, TX - October 2016 Fresh Paint and Graphics on the PUP!
  9. KampCraft79

    12V / 30amp Plug

    I have a 1999 Dutchman Pop-up that did not have a battery (or battery box) when i bought it. The wires and converter were there already so I added the battery. My question is: Do I need to turn the battery is off before plugging in the 30amp power. or is it ok if the battery is on while its...
  10. KampCraft79

    Adding bunk light

    Yes there is a dome light over the dinette, But it does not have that port. I bought a piece that has that port and has two wires, just need to know if I cut into the ceiling where that sticker is if I'll find wires to tie into.
  11. KampCraft79

    Adding bunk light

    I have a 1999 Dutchmen pop-up and I want to add bunk lights on both ends. On the ceiling next to each end there is a sticker that says somethin about "power for bunk here", I'm assuming that if I cut a small hole with a razor knife here that I will find power wires here to tie into correct? Has...
  12. KampCraft79

    Wiring question

    I bought a 99 Dutchmen 810 pop-up and it did not have a battery. It did have the hook ups but no kill switch. My question is once I add a battery and kill switch, if I'm going to hook up to a 30amp power supply, do I need to disconnect the batter or turn the battery off from the switch first? Is...
  13. KampCraft79

    1969 Kamp-Craft Capri

    Its super light, it couldn't be more then 1,000lbs. I can pick up the tongue and move it by myself.
  14. KampCraft79

    1969 Kamp-Craft Capri

    Here's a pic of it folded down.
  15. KampCraft79

    1969 Kamp-Craft Capri

    Hoosier Daddy- Here's a better pic, half of the bunk folds down to act as a backrest for the bench around the dinette. Also the table drops down so you have 2 full sized beds that are staggered.
  16. KampCraft79

    1969 Kamp-Craft Capri

    Hey y'all, check out my 1969 Kamp-Craft Capri. I've had it for almost 2 years and I am loving every minute of it! I've done several upgrades including plumbing, scissor jacks, new wiring, paint/fiberglass work and a custom awning. I have some more upgrades to do this year including a new Canvas...
  17. KampCraft79

    Texas Puppers Winter rally pllans anyone?

    Hey y'all, I'm new to the Forum. Any idea if there are plans for any 2016 Rally's in the DFW area?