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    Poll:What did you pay for your NTY PopUp?

    It was a long time ago but we paid $4000 for our 1996 Jayco 1207 maybe around the year 2000. It’s been mostly maintenance free except for the last couple of years. I rebuilt the top because of wood rot, replaced tires, replaced hydraulic surge brakes with electric brakes, had to cut out the old...
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    2007 Fleetwood Niagara crank issue

    Could be a combination of things. When cranking up and having the handle spin when you let go, I assume the opposite direction (counter-clockwise), I suspect the wench. I'm not sure what lift system is on the your Fleetwood, if it's the L&W system like Jayco's, then could be some chewed up...
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    November 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    After our last camping trip of 2022 last weekend, we had to set it back up once home because it rained on us when we broke camp. So on Wednesday, I was ready to close it up for the winter and lo and behold, one of the posts refused to retract. I found the eye bolts on the lift cable bend nearly...
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    What is camping.. Pictures ONLY!

    Mark Twain SP in Missouri Hiking, breakfast burritos, Dutch oven Salisbury steak & baked apples
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    PSI for a Palomino

    I don't have a Palomino, we have '96 Jayco 1207. IRC, I think the tire pressure is 50 psi.
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    Broken front panel- no replacement options- help!!

    I bought the grid and little and pellets from this supplier.
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    Broken front panel- no replacement options- help!!

    Here’s a YouTube video I referenced when I did mine.
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    Broken front panel- no replacement options- help!!

    Correction, MEK is for ABS not PCV
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    Broken front panel- no replacement options- help!!

    Search for ABS (not PCV) panel repair using MEK. My rear panel on my 1996 Jayco 1207 was nearly split in two, 2-3 inches was all that was holding it together. I bought supplies and meticulously repaired the panel and now cannot tell where the split was...
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    Roof gasket size

    They were fine but I ordered way before I actually needed it. Although parts are reasonable, shipping is a little pricey, but if you need it, you need it. -GaryB
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    Roof gasket size

    I bought mine from here. You buy it by the foot.
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    Let's see a picture of your rig on the road!

    Arrow Rock State Park, Missouri (July 2020)
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    Storing Awning Bag while traveling

    We tried it and it fits but will be cumbersome to slide on after the popup is fully lifted. I'm going to humor my wife on this one for a few times.
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    Storing Awning Bag while traveling

    As mentioned in another thread, we just had a new awning bag made and my wife thinks we should just store it inside the popup while traveling. She doesn’t want the bag to get too dirty when going down the highway (). Any thoughts on that? Of course I need to agree after all she is my wife.
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    Help finding a canopy bag for my awning

    I just had one made this week here in the Kansas City Metro area. The local shop has done a fantastic job on a couple of things and made a new awning bag. I dropped it off on Monday and picked it up on Friday. $275. Elk Horn Tent and Canvas.
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    Jayco 1996 Model 1207 - Hidden Wood Rot

    We rebuilt the roof over the last few months and today finally reinstalled the rooftop ac unit. Since the rear plastic panel had a huge vertical split, decided to remove it so I can repair it. I was hoping that would the last major item to complete. However, it really didn’t surprise me to...
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    1996 Jayco 1207 Roof Trim End Cap

    Thanks I searched Amazon but knowing the correct search terms always makes the difference.
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    1996 Jayco 1207 Roof Trim End Cap

    Any thoughts where I might be able to purchase two of these center roof trim end caps in the red box? I can’t seem to locate mine after disassembling and rebuilding my top.