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  1. kmbarreiros

    ABS removed, foam core, next step

    Yeah I am fairly confident mine is all foam with some type of strands in it. I have worked with fiberglass many times and this definitely is not that. A big chunk came off on one of the corners and it was all foam. This sucks I do not want to spend $300 on this thing. I think at this point I...
  2. kmbarreiros

    ABS removed, foam core, next step

    What company are you referring to? GG?
  3. kmbarreiros

    ABS removed, foam core, next step

    To me the surface feels like foam not fiberglass.
  4. kmbarreiros

    ABS removed, foam core, next step

    Hey People, ABS is removed. Deciding what to use and not looking to break the bank, Grizzly grip and flex seal for 3 gallons is not in my price range. Does anyone have any experience with the following product: AMES MSS1 Maximum Stretch Roof Coating, 1 Gallon, White From what I read this you...
  5. kmbarreiros

    2001 Coleman Bayside Elite

    Removal of abs is done. Only issue was with drivers side rear corner it was really stuck on.
  6. kmbarreiros

    2001 Coleman Bayside Elite

    I think it is 3/4" obs for the floor if I remember correctly but if you can wait a little longer I plan to open it up his weekend and will get both the floor and cabinets. Fyi my cabinet was completely redone so the new wood is way thicker then the cardboard material that was there before.
  7. kmbarreiros

    2001 Coleman Bayside Elite

    Well where has the time gone. Many things have changed for one in laws have moved out. House to ourselves, garage is mine again, and no more fighting for a parking spot. I finally dragged the pup out where it has been covered and sitting now for a good year not being touched. Inside is still...
  8. kmbarreiros

    Newbie has a question

    Orange black and white is for the furnace side. Suspect yours was wired but doesn't have one. Notice the square hole on the back wall. That is the perfect size for where the back of the furnace, the exhaust would run through. White is common ground, Black is your +12Vd and the orange would have...
  9. kmbarreiros

    Parting out: 1998 Coleman Bayside

    I would be interested in the fresh water tank if you still have this.
  10. kmbarreiros


    If you are able to remove one of the lights check what they mount into if there is any metal I would assume it is using a chassis ground.
  11. kmbarreiros

    NTU pup, CO detector low voltage beep

    FYI aftermarket radios have 3 power wires coming off the back off it. Yellow is the battery lead and always needs a connection (or else it will loose its memory). Red is the ignition turn on wire (this should be on the main switch that turns the power on and off with the pup or its own switch)...
  12. kmbarreiros

    Help. Which Battery Post to Connect White, Black & Green Wires

    Green wire many times is used for the running lights around the pup. Have you connected the 4 pin connector to your tow vehicle to verify all the lights work?
  13. kmbarreiros

    2001 coleman Utah Grand Touring remodel

    Hey Gancamper, My pump is installed under the bump out. But in your case you can install it where ever you want but would be best to come off the main outlet from tank. You would basically splice it right in between. Working with pex if that is what yours has is actually really simple. Just...
  14. kmbarreiros

    2001 Coleman Bayside Elite

    Tuckbox mounted and bolted in. Tonight there is storm coming thru and I am leaving the pup setup to see how it handles the rain.
  15. kmbarreiros

    2001 Coleman Bayside Elite

    Alright guys starting to wrap this up. Front bed installed, Front canvas installed. Added carpet squares to the bunk ends. I have new bungie cords for the bottom front and rear canvas bunk ends I also seem to be missing one of my cabinet tops. Not sure where it went.
  16. kmbarreiros

    2001 Coleman Bayside Elite

    Hey Carolina, Wondering if you can help me. Your dinette area the bottom cushions do they have anything sticking out of them to hold them in place? Also do have any idea how to setup that area to make it bed. Mine has been apart for so long and my mother in-law redid the cushions I can not...
  17. kmbarreiros

    Planning to convert to twist-lock

    Since I had the compartment open I also replaced mine with twist lock. I used piece of scrap painted plywood to cover the original hole. I used a short piece of the original cord to run to the twist lock. then the left over I bought another of the correct plug so I could keep using he...
  18. kmbarreiros

    2001 Coleman Bayside Elite

    In order for the tow vehicle to charge any type of trailer two things need to be present. 1. on the TV side Pin 4 on the 7 pin is usually the Aux 12vdc for charging or just power purposes So first check that on the TV side even though you have the plug doesn't mean it is even wired. Most...
  19. kmbarreiros

    2001 Coleman Bayside Elite

    I am fairly confident there is no charging whatsoever from the tow vehicle. Unless you actually added that to the tow vehicle and pop up. Are you maybe referring to the inverter charging the battery when connected to shore power. If so yes. If you remove the inverter look for the 6 pin...