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    I've become my father

    If you've become your parents....then they were right and you finally realized it
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    So very upset and enraged...

    Probably texting...don't people realize that the human brain IS NOT wired to be on the phone or texting and drive at the same time...apparently no! No wonder insurance rates are so dang high!
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    2005 Fleetwood Niagra - wiring?

    Our Fleetwood Niagra (2007) uses a Universal two wire 18 gauge waterproof connector. JJ
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    Bunkend setup

    Get someone else to do it, or get a TT. You could always get a length of PVC, mount a caster on the bottom, , place it up under the bed, and push inwards lifting the bed up a bit then pull support bars in place! Hope you undertood all that. JJ
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    Worst Trip Ever?

    One word my friend! BOONDOCK!!!! JJ
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    This is nice

    And that my Canadian neighbor is why we go camping! JJ
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    be more specific

    Don't feel bad I get peeved at folks who live in Texas too! "Where you from?" "Texas". Oh for crying out takes two days to drive across Texas, where in Texas specifically are you living? I'm from Texas too, but if someone asks me I say Wichita Falls, TX.......believe it or not...
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    Cutting through occupied campsites

    Oh I forgot....that happened to us one time ALL DAY I strung up a rope all around the camp (I keep about 300 feet in my truck). This worked! I also noticed alot of other people doing that also. I just don't know if they can sue you if they trip over it at night! I guess you could...
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    Cutting through occupied campsites

    Common sense, consideration for others, and respect for others is all but gone these days. JJ
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    Tough spot

    Something like that will get the guy to quit camping or pay more attention to his driving! Lucky as hell anyway you look at it. JJ
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    This Is Ridiculous - I Can't Believe It

    Its not bad, its an you will remember that trip for along time. Electric hookups is a must when camping in the "cold" months....I know, I know its suppose to be spring. You cannot count on mother nautre cooperating no matter what time of the year, all you can do is enjoy what...
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    Changed wheel bearings, why doesn't my pup have washers next to the castle nut?

    Could be so you can put a EZ LUBE or any other after market greasable devise on the axle on them and the grease can get to the bearings that way! I'll have to check mine, because for the life of me I cannot remember...growing old sucks! JJ
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    Help Me Identify This Trailer Please

    Closes thing I found was a Bearcat Snowmoible older model! JJ
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    Removing ceiling light cover

    Yup very carefully...helps alot if the cover is warmed up a bit. Most covers have tiny screws holding them on...? JJ
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    Recent trip, great until "it" happened

    Some people actually do it on purpose...just to annoy the hell out of you so you would leave, and then they will have the area all to themselves. No wonder foreigners hate average Americans...rude, inconsiderate, self-centered idiots. ( a bunch of people like that make Americans look bad)...
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    Hot water question

    Water tank should be under one of the seats. Sorrounded by styrofoam. Also it runs off of propane from your tanks. There should be an off and on switch near it to turn on the water tank. Our switch actually lights up to let us know its on. JJ
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    Home made "Bed Wedges"

    Love the home made ones. My question to anyone is, are they really neccesary and what funtion do they have? I have two broken ones and they are not on and I don't have any problems with anything in my pup. I could see them snagging material but this has never happened in the five years we...
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    DO I NEED?

    Some campgrounds water pressure is high some are low. If you want to protect your plumbing I'd get one from Wal-Mart RV section, as far as electrical, a surg supressor is a good idea to protect from lightning strikes near by hitting an electrical pole. Ours is built into our cord, don't know...
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    Tow vehicle not charging batteries

    I have a 2007 Silverado and this is what the camper dealer told me as well as the Chevy Dealership. You have to be in Tow Haul mode and your lights have to be on to charge the battery on the camper while towing. Don't forget to shut your lights off while stopping for gas and food on trips...
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    One more for hand washing it. I climb on the roof (mine is supported within cross beams inside the pup. and I use Simplegreen and a soft bruch, comes out like new. Wash the outsides the same way! After five years of owning it, it looks like it came off the showroom floor, inside and out. JJ