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    For those campers who log their trips and site numbers :)

    My parents started camping back in the late 60's, before i was born. We were in the Starcraft camping club, Florida chapter. Camped once a month and the rally every summer. I have so many memories of different campgrounds as a kid, but no idea where we were. My dad didn't keep a journal, and...
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    It's a beautiful morning at Table Rock Lake

    That's a wonderful lake. My bil and sil have a house on Table Rock. They live in Cape Fair. We usually go visit them in the summer. Enjoy!
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    James Island County Park, Charleston, South Carolina

    Have not camped there during Covid, but we did fall break there two years ago. Love that place! The campground itself is well spaced out, big playground inside the park, 15 minutes from the beach at Folly. We can't wait to go back.
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    Indian Creek Campground, Cherokee, NC

    Thanks for the review. I have been looking for a review of this place. Would be a nice weekend getaway, we live in Knoxville. I have a 25' TT, with slide.
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    Just put a down payment on a Grand Design Imagine 2800BH

    Congratulations. Those are very well built units. We looked at a couple the last time we were at the RV Show. Enjoy!
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    Tell me about camping in Tennessee.

    East Tennessee has several options. Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area is chocked full of camping options. No shortage of hiking trails in the National Park, plus touristy stuff in town. Another option would be Chattanooga. It's a great city, Aquarium, Rock City, some good hiking in the area.
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    Alafia River State Park

    I used to mountain bike ride in that park years ago when I lived in Florida (Brandon). Some great trails for riding. I never camped there, but I dated a girl who lived right down the road from the park. We may, or may not, might have snuck in before it officially opened one night...
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    Best compromise campground near Gatlinburg?

    I agree with Greenbriar. Its much closer to Gatlinburg than Imagination Mountain. There is another one a little closer to Gatlinburg that has a trolley stop at the entrance to the campground. That might be worth it... parking is a pain in Gatlinburg. I live in Knoxville and we usually go out...
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    Cancelling Trip

    Last October I stayed in Charleston at James Island. The day before we were supposed to leave, Michael struck the panhandle and wobbled his way towards us. We bailed a day early and the park refunded us the last day. I didn't ask, but they offered. I was more concerned getting back to Knoxville...
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    Wolf attacks

    You win!! It's amazing you are still with us! :)
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    Time to retire this TV, she has been good.

    My brother is selling his 2002 Trailblazer extended with the 5.3 V8. 240,000 miles towing all over the southeast, 24ft. Forest River TT. Enjoy your new to you ride!
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    New (to me) Hybrid

    We added a 4" memory foam topper to our bunk as well. Made a big difference.
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    Honestly, we bought our hybrid last year. It has the blindingly bright LED strip under the awning. I didn't leave it on all night, but it was on a lot of the time my first couple of trips. After I started reading comments, I made sure it was turned off when we are not out side. We did buy some...
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    Ticks. What's your story?

    I was in Boy Scouts for 24 years, as a kid and adult leader. We camped every 5 weeks, in Florida. I never had a tick. Anywhere. First campout in our new hybrid last year, in March, within 5 minutes of being outside walking the dog I got two ticks. Got them both off, but I was like, what the...
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    Synchronous fireflies at Elkmont in Gatlinburg!

    We moved here about 10 years ago. We went the first year we were here, when there was no lottery. We lined up for the bus at the visitors center 3 hours ahead. It was a mad house. The second time, we grabbed a campsite at Elkmont the last few days and camped. Walked up the road, like you are...
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    Have a hybrid but....

    Kind of the conclusion I am drawing... We went camping this weekend. Originally the forecast was 80% chance of rain. We said, meh, lets go anyway. It sprinkled 5 minutes about 2am Saturday night and that was it. Sunday morning, I kept a look out on radar. Got the bunks all put away and 5...
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    Have a hybrid but....

    Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. The family talked long and hard before we bought the hybrid. I had to talk the wife into getting a popup, she loved tent camping so much. But we skipped that and went straight to the hybrid, now she wants a TT. I have created a monster! lol. We...
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    Have a hybrid but....

    So we bought a hybrid (Jayco 19xud) last year and love it. We made 20 nights last year (between purchasing in March and October). However, thinking of going dark. As a kid, we started with a Stracraft pup (1975 Galaxy 8) and upgraded to a TT. I like most aspects of the hybrid, but after a few...
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    Hello from Charleston, SC

    Welcome from East Tennessee. Our family was out your way last fall. Camped at James Island County Park. Beautiful place and great location. My wife went to grad school in Charleston, and lived there 5 years before we met. We love visiting there!
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    Cloudland Canyon State Park

    I live in Knoxville and have been interested in camping here as well. My brother camped here years ago. Is there a preferred campground over another? east vs west? Would love to check this place out one weekend.