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    big buddy heater test

    Look here ... I asked you a specific question about what you posted; and did so (I thought) in a respectable way. We share our experience, our questions, our findings and whatever technical data with each other. Like I posted to you already, there's what really is and there's the other stuff...
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    big buddy heater test

    Good grief ... that is a lot of water!
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    big buddy heater test

    What about a more arid atmospheric condition opposed to say a humid one, what bearing will that have on the sensor ...?
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    big buddy heater test

    But I'm sure you could then also understand the B.S. factor (and I don't mean "brown sugar").... just because someone posts something, don't necessarily make it so.
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    big buddy heater test

    Well, I'm certainly impressed with all the tech data (and the equations, too), but I've run the Mr Buddy way longer then 6 hours and all that generated water has certainly NOT plated (condensed) out on any interior surface to any extent that I can recall ... have no idea where it may have went...
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    big buddy heater test

    Well, that explanation is certainly beyond my level of expertise. However, what is not mentioned, or questionable, is just how much propane is being burned to produce those "relatively large amounts of water". Based on my experience it certainly is not coming from a MrBuddy heater.
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    big buddy heater test

    As one who has extensively used a MrBuddy heater since they were first available in this area (spring of 2000), and I might add as the sole source of heat for a popup camper, I cannot help wondering what you mean by "large amounts of water". In all of my experience with the MrBuddy I've not...
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    Headed for the Smokies? Plan on traveling 441? You better read this first

    That's a tough road to travel (near and to the Newfound Gap) in good weather, especially on the NC side, with a lot of cutbacks and sharp turns. As they like to say, sometimes you'll get a glimpse of your rear bumper on those hair pin turns! I've been caught way back in the mountains off some...
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    2014 Grand Cherokee Overland CRD

    I, too, really like the low end torque especially for the mountains. For the F-150 pick'em up, I see Ford's V-6 EcoBoost matches the torque only with a little more rpms: 365hp @ 5000 rpm = torque is 420 @ 2500. Of course, this is gasoline.
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    2014 Grand Cherokee Overland CRD

    What are the stats/ the numbers for that 3.0L 6-cyl engine ...?
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    Roof Repair Best Product to use for my application?

    For repairing those hail dents I'd use a two part epoxy flexible filler. You would have to clean the dents good, scuff it, apply the epoxy (you'll have about 8 minutes before it sets) with a bondo spreader. Let it dry a couple of hours, sand it flush with the roof surface and then paint it...
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    Filling up at the gas station

    In my travels I always pull into the lane for the regular gas pumps. I always thought those truck pumps where for diesel and since my TV's have all been gasoline, never knew there was any other choice. Certainly hate taking up enough space for two vehicles, but that's the way it is.
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    Roof Repair Best Product to use for my application?

    Of course, getting whatever the PO applied removed will be the trick. Your roof is what Starcraft refers to as a "radius fiberglass roof". For those damaged cracked areas (hail?), depending on the severity, you could clean, then scuff (lightly sand) the area(s) and fill with either a two part...
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    Roof Repair Best Product to use for my application?

    What year Starcraft .... what kind of roof, fiberglass, aluminum ...?
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    Are You A Greaser ...?

    That is, for your hitch ball .... We have beat this subject too death before, but just had an email from a member who was hesitant to post the question (I can't understand why!) - anyway, I confessed that I always ever so lightly put a tad of axle grease on the top of the ball and swirled it...
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    BAL Leveler - What do I need to know?

    Oh, good grief .... more junk to store and tote along. Consider this: A) - BALS cost $$ money to buy that might go to other more useful things, like fishing tackle. B) - they have to be cleaned and oiled and stored someway so it won't rattle around. C) - what else can the thing be used for...
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    What do you think?

    Around these parts there's always the small claims court where it does not cost an arm and a leg to sue someone for this type of situation. But having said this, I still think it would be a very difficult thing for them to win considering.
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    Dumb Question?

    I never did. The big warning was that in the event of an accident while on the road the open valve L/P tank could conceivably be a fire hazard. That's always been a deterrent for me.
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    2003 Palomino Pinto versus 1998 Coleman Santa Fe... What would you choose?

    The Coleman/Fleetwood came originally with the ABS roof and I would treat it like it had the plague (speaking from experience). Plus I have this inherent lack of confidence in a used car/rv dealer - good RV dealers are hard to come by.
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    Any Fleetwood Evolution Owners, I need your help please

    Would this site be of any help ...?