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    I hate every gas can I ever met.

    The new new style cans are CRAP. Who came up with the great idea to let the gas just build up pressure by not venting then when one pours you pull back a sleeve and with the flat disk design at the end of the spout the gas sprays back out of the gas tank into your face. Must be the engineer...
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    What is this?

    I noticed in your other pictures that you do not have the bunk end support bars installed. Don't forget them!!
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    andersen camper levelers

    I did find one problem with the Anderson style leveler, It sinks in sand. I had to use a board under it.
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    Coleman hot water on demand parts?

    Just chatted with coleman they do not offer replacement regulators because they are built into the unit. U know held in by those "special" 8 Philips screws. I figure I can rig up a hose and regulator no problem. Just wont be able to use a 1lb cylinder in the factory location because the old...
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    Coleman hot water on demand parts?

    DW got a coleman hot water on demand from one of her customers for the price of 2 beers. They didn't know what was wrong with it. So I hooked a propane tank to it and it was blowing off though the safety valve that is integrated in to the control valve. So it has a stuck or defective...
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    Mosquitos! Ugh!

    Sounds like the Wisconsin state bird has migrated to Arizona for the year. Make sure come spring you keep them down by you.
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    Good place to Boon dock in NE Wisconsin?

    Let me know if you find anything.
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    What Beer Do You Camp With???

    Pabst Blue Ribbon for me and Miller Lite for DW.
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    A/C Running off Battery with Car Running?

    We have 2 English Bulldogs. They are the reason I installed A/C in my last camper and why I have a portable unit for my current one. So camping in the summer without power is not an option for us. I have way to much time, love, and money invested in these dogs ($3500 in purchase price alone)...
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    Apps for your packing list?

    Colornote. I use it for all my todo lists.
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    Check the air pressure of your spare tire

    I am too afraid to inflate my spare to recommended pressure. It has major cracks in the sidewall. I replaced the axle and those tires last year and I just have not got around to replacing the spare. Or had the spare cash for one [:D]
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    Indoor, wood burning...stove/fireplace??

    Middle of winter in Wisconsin prolly just right. We put that size wood stove in our ice shanties. Any other time you are sitting there playing cribbage in your underwear sweating your balls off.
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    Pop-up Newb from Wisconsin

    Hi, from Menasha WI.
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    Whats your hometown famous for?

    Menasha WI. I couldn't think of anything we are famous for. DW couldn't think of anything either. So I Googled it, and could not find anything. I did find on that the attractions in Menasha WI are: a wetland preserve, planitarium, tavern, tavern, tavern, earth science...
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    Diehard 1150 for CPAP

    I have a Walmart group 29 battery Now about 1 year old. I get 3-4 days on it running my CPAP (Respironics REMStar 60) without the humidifier. That also runs my led lights and my furnace. 6 days without furnace use. During the summer I don't use my humidifier at all I don't even have it...
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    Towing dangerously .Lets Go!

    Not accelerating to highway speeds before merging is my biggest peeve. Kinda scares the crap otta me. I think this is how I am going to die because of some a**munch who can't find the long vertical pedal on the right. I find myself behind someone trying to merge under 40 mph at least once a...
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    Let's see a picture of your rig on the road!

    In the driveway: A selfie on the road:
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    How do you move your pup around at home?

    Same here. And I've only been married for 4 months.
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    Hi, new here, from Milwaukee Wisconsin

    Hi from Menasha WI. Happy Camping.
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    andersen camper levelers

    Well I used my homemade Anderson leveler this past weekend and It worked good. Had to use about 2" of lift. The only problem I had is that I set up by myself and my level is on the back of the pup I had to keep getting in and out of the truck to see when I was level. If I had a second person...