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  1. towing12345

    Less painful pack-up?

    Takes me two hours also.. really would like to decrease that to an hour. Like someone else mentioned here, with the kids its easier to just let my wide take them and let me pack everything up. shower tent, water hookups, area rug, kayak, bikes... i dont mind too much but i’ll try to beat my...
  2. towing12345

    Less painful pack-up?

    Nice video, thanks for posting. How did you install the hitch rack for the ice chests? i need to do something like that Nice Video !
  3. towing12345

    What does the battery actually do?

    Also have safety chains. seems very redundant to also need the electric brake: hitch, chain 1 , chain 2, eBrake. My trailer is light and my tongue weight is limited - would be nice to minimize
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  8. towing12345

    Is it Just me?

    I love camping too; mainly just being outdoors. Florida campers here so right now its perfect but its not as fun in the summer with the bugs. Got a pop up camper this last year and its been a lot of fun for the whole family. Kids are 5 and 3 and we have a blast - of course we compromise a bit...
  9. towing12345

    Rainy Days

    Thank you for all the excellent advice !
  10. towing12345

    Rainy Days

    Just got back from a nice weekend on our pup. We ran into some heavy rain and had a lot of mud to deal with on the campsite. Looking for advice on how to best deal with rain and packing up efficiently and minimizing the cleanup. My thoughts are to put away as much as possible beforehand, keep...
  11. towing12345

    Considering an Aliner for family?

    I really like this thread, thank you for posting. Very similar situation for me with the two kids. Ended up going with a used tent camper and it’s been very good - wanted more floor space and didnt want to make a large investment. Going from florida to texas soon so we will see how the longer...
  12. towing12345

    Considering an Aliner for family?

    Thanks for the excellent information on this thread. I'm thinking about an aliner ranger12 and will be using a 2013 outback (2700 max tow rating). What kind of MPG do you get with the outback while towing ?