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    Are there campgrounds with webcams pointing into camper windows? . Is this a real problem? I'm not really sure i understand the point of this thread?
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    What Do You Think About Towing in Over-dirve?

    im going to go out on a limb and say most families pulling campers are not all that in tune with the finer operations of their drivetrain, while there are motorheads and auto enthusiasts around, they are far outnumbered by the average jane and joe. for them, the simple practice of towing with...
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    What Do You Think About Towing in Over-dirve?

    Here's the deal... Overdrive in most vehicles is really just there to keep the vehicle rolling at highway speeds at a lower RPM, with little or no load on it. (for fuel economy) If you're towing something fairly heavy, you'll notice that the truck will shift up into overdrive while coasting...
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    Premium fuel required or not?

    I would agree that two tanks of gas as the sample size is hardly expansive or comprehensive enough to draw a scientific conclusion. Likewise claims about more power cannot be substantiated or validated outside of the objectivity of scientific measurement. Because vehicles are so closely...
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    Premium fuel required or not?

    My Smart is a high compression 3-cyl 1-liter engine that specifies premium.. That behind said its only about a 7gal tank and I only fill it once a week or so based on 2-hour round trip commute and incidental driving and I drive it sporty not like grandma - fast accelerations and such. Our jeep...
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    Premium fuel required or not?

    To support the previous posts, I think what was implied in the original question was "will running premium fuel when towing give me more power for towing?" The marketing for octane levels is somewhat responsible for this misperception. Octane rating is not a power rating. To just a formula and...
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    Triganos Olympe tent trailer. Your thoughts.

    I sorta feel the same way about popups. Lot of work to setup compared to my a frame. ;)
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    CB radio for traffic info, a good idea?

    for traffic info and resources, nothing beats Waze app. CB, even if in use and you can understsnd what they are saying and they are actually reporting traffic info only taps into a small set of truckers. Waze taps into all drivers on the road potentially. the updates are real time, the app...
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    taking a shower
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    LED LIGHTS worth the upgrade

    I'll agree $360+ is a ton of money for a few dome lights... They would have to be truly magical to be worth nearly 10x what I paid for mine.... A 5year warranty? An led should last 20+ years but if I only spent what I spent I could afford to replace them yearly for a decade and still make out...
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    taking a shower

    Funny all the "I wouldn't pay to shower" remarks. Most I've ever paid was $0.25 for 10min. I've heard of stingy but it seems wet wipes or the time/effort it takes to blow up kiddie pools, rig water catches, collect dirty wafer, manhandle if to a dump station. I'd be surprised if you could do...
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    Code violation

    Wait. The city is regulating hard scape choices? Why does the city have a say?
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    Code violation

    What is the crime? Unless you are presenting a specific danger to public safety, I find it difficult to understand the motive for making it criminal to park your property on your property. What you do with your own property, unless it recklessly endangers another, can typically only be...
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    Crockpot cooking in a campground?

    I catch the "those who camp" vs "those who bring the whole house", "those who like the wilderness" vs "those who like NYC" vibe. Seems a bit condescending and judgemental to me. Maybe I'm sensitive today.
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    Do you ever feel like a 2nd class citizen in a PUP?

    If a bumper sticker makes us both a suspect to law enforcement and a threat to parents then we have bigger societal problems to resolve. Not sure how this could possibly be more offensive than any political or religious bumper sticker.... Not sure I want to live in a world where I agree with...
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    Dangerous transporting an extra filled Propane Tank in my SUV?

    Î guess the a frame is just a wee bit more efficient. We get plenty of cold weather here too in the shoulder season... I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the amount of propane you guys are reporting using. That would be a major pita to me if I was filling 3 or 4 tanks every two...
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    Do you Pack Food in Coolers or Fridge?

    We have a fridge so we use it. We run it while traveling as well. At the site we will use a soft sided cooler with ice for drinks, beers. So we are not opening and closing the fridge all day long. Everything else is in the fridge. If it's a multiday trip, we have to turn down the fridge temp...
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    Dangerous transporting an extra filled Propane Tank in my SUV?

    Why? 80lbs seems near a years supply of propane. Are your camp outs truly that demanding? I'm on my third season of use on a 20lb tank. 80lbs would probably last me 15 years. Is there some advantage to taking up the space and weight in your tow vehicle with al that extra gas that I'm...
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    Private campground vs. State ran? Advantages?

    I think those areas are scenic and beautiful, I actually camp at the Lost River Valley Campground nearby quite often. I'm not really impressed with the state park/national forest campgrounds in the area. For me they are not especially well-run or clean and the sites themselves, the ones I've...
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    Just Want to Cook Breakfast

    It would be good if the OP could return for an update... Pretty sure that unit has an LP detector with a CO detector as an option. My guess is LP leak... Either have it serviced and checked professionally, or DIY by going through and validating all the connections are right and tight. CO...