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  1. Milemaker13

    We've crossed over.

    Lol. I knew y'all was gonna say that. Ill try to figure it out...
  2. Milemaker13

    We've crossed over.

    The lil' ol PUP left the driveway and the giant new hard body moved in. Well, not that big.. 17' Jay Feather Micro BH171. Really nice setup, solar, micro, tv, outside speakers, outside shower, power awning, FULL INSIDE BATHROOM (it's amazing). But, definitely a different experience sleeping...
  3. Milemaker13

    Sienna towing woes...or not?

    Yes it can be done. Its just not safe. You can move a big trailer around all you want, but get 'er going over 35mph and feel the trailer shove your little car around, and finally pick up the car's rear end... then you know its a bad idea. Also, think about a quick stop... yeah...
  4. Milemaker13

    Gorilla glue

    Glued tooth picks. Yup.
  5. Milemaker13

    Why are my wheels tilting inwards?

    Like, how bad is the tilt , man?
  6. Milemaker13

    Toilet solutions for boondocking

    Porta potty
  7. Milemaker13

    Skamper Owners Sound Off!

    My neighbor's have a skamper from the late sixties. Pretty unique.
  8. Milemaker13

    Cutting through campsite

    Excuse me- mind if i cut thru? My kids just ran that way!
  9. Milemaker13

    Popup is stuck in the raised position!

    Splice hitting something sounds reasonable..
  10. Milemaker13

    Popup is stuck in the raised position!

    I like your handle. Good luck with the repair.. if you can't fix it, you will have to yard camp forever!
  11. Milemaker13

    Too Much?

    You look like one of those crazy camping people!! Totally awesome!
  12. Milemaker13

    Jeep Camper

    Wait... wait.... so its a trailer- that looks like a jeep?? EDIT: Sorry I realize my post sounds bad.. please understand I used " looks like" very very loosely. :)
  13. Milemaker13

    camping in the rain

    Thats awesome!! We just had a fun 'camp day' in the driveway. Woo... ;) Glad you guys made it out and had a great time!
  14. Milemaker13

    Camper Curtains

    Buy the new ones linked farther up the thread.
  15. Milemaker13

    Let's Talk About Sleeping In a Pup

    I came to realize the reason I didnt sleep well camping was because I got cold. I found myself drifting in and out of sleep waiting for that first sliver of light that signaled daybreak.. then I would get up and hang out by myself for hours until others woke up ( not really the worst part)...
  16. Milemaker13

    Looking for a simple pop-up

    Buy used, privately- no dealer involved. It will take a bit of footwork and a rapid decision once you find the right one. Good luck and have fun!
  17. Milemaker13

    should A/C be on my required list?

    And porta potty. We love ours. Best thing ive purchased.
  18. Milemaker13

    Rooftop AC seal replacement

    The answer your after is " yes any AC unit should work for you" . However before dropping 500-1000 I would double check the specs to ensure it fits a 14x14 hole.