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    Local Eats

    I respect one's dietary choices, but only in America can you call something an egg that is not an egg.
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    Local Eats

    I like biscuits and gravy, but that's just gross.
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    How do you shake it down?

    Can't speak to the "average," but for us, we did our first campout with the new popup at a familiar boondocking site about 2.5 hours away. Guessing that most work their way up but it all depends on your comfort level and how familiar you are with the process. I think the driveway thing is...
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    Camping with snobs?

    These are not "campgrounds," but rather RV Parking. Not my style, personally. Would rather visit National Parks, National Forests, BLM, COE, and State Parks. Places where the attraction is the natural surroundings, not the swimming pool/hot tub/game room, etc.
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    NPS Gives Warning It Shouldn’t Have To: Don’t Lick This Toad

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    I can’t hook up my battery!

    What a mess. Lots of good info mixed with bad info in this thread. Hope you can sort it out when you get back home. Like others say, mark your wires once you have figured it out. For sure, you have likely blown the "REVERSE POLARITY" fuse which is located in the fuse panel on the CONVERTER.
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    Easy way to set up and take down awning?

    DEPLOYMENT I always raised my roof part way (~head height) and then deployed the awning. Our 2005 Jayco Baja 10Z had three support poles. Six poles total, three vertical and three horizontal. I found it easiest to install the center poles first, finish raising the roof, then the outer poles...
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    Refrigerator Hack

    I can't find instructions for that one, even on the Quick Products web page. As I mentioned in post #23, best solution is EXAUST fan(s) in the top vent. This kit could probably be installed in that manner. Not sure where the control switch is supposed to be located.
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    Refrigerator Hack

    While I suppose this would work given enough fan power, it goes against the basic principle of convection. Hot air rises. The design provides a top vent to exhaust the hot air, creating a chimney effect, pulling outside fresh air in the bottom, across the cooling fins and out the top vent...
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    Parking Lot Camping

    A "qualified" yes. We have "overnighted" in our TT on our way to somewhere. Hesitant to call it camping, although I suppose that's just vernacular. The elements for consideration would be: - No Setup (could just be parked as far as any passerby could tell. Able to leave the premises quickly...
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    Everything reeks of dryer sheets

    I find that mouse urine is effective to mask the scent of dryer sheets...
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    Planning a MD to Grand Canyon trip

    Nonsense. It's a family trip with a 6-year old. I don't understand the suggestion for hiking into the Grand Canyon. Family trip, remember?
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    Not sure how wide spread this is

    This is one of the things that steered us to Northwood Mfg. They build their frames in-house and are designed for off highway use.
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    Considering a Jeep Grand Cherokee purchase

    This is the best advice, but the OP does not own the vehicle at this point. For sure, PAYLOAD limits are more often reached before the tow weight limit. Also not mentioned, better to base your estimates on the GVWR of the trailer rather than the empty weight. For the GeoPro mentioned, I can't...
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    Officially moved to the "Dark Side"

    Just an fyi, I briefly considered this waste hose system (before going with the standard Camco Rhino flex hose): The "Waste Master" uses a cam lock connector (requires modification to your drain outlet). No personal experience, but maybe easier than the twist-lock style...
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    Officially moved to the "Dark Side"

    Of course, a TT comes with new experiences:
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    Officially moved to the "Dark Side"

    The "Sit and Sleep" is an option - from what I can tell, a sofa that folds out to a bed. We chose the straight queen bed.
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    Officially moved to the "Dark Side"

    A bit late with this announcement, but our popup is sold and we now have a 23' Travel Trailer. I had not checked in to the Popup Portal for some time, but apparently a recent registration to another site (RV Life?) started generating email messages linked to the Popup Portal. So I returned to...
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    Control Box question

    Not exactly an "idiot proof" design, is it?