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    Pop Up market declining or staying the same?

    I'd say that perhaps the manufacturers and dealers are possibly pushing the market more toward TT's vs PU's because of profit margins and that the aging/baby boomer population is looking for the more convenient camping option and probably has the money to do it that way. Two points, I know a...
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    First time pup owner

    Welcome. We are also newbies,. Me, wife and 2 daughters, 8 and 11 y/o. I firmly believe that there are and will be no memories like camping memories for my girls. One of the best ways to spend quality family time together. Enjoy my fellow PU'er!!
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    Greetings from Raleigh

    Welcome from another newbie. After 12 years I guess u got the right one. jK. Enjoy!! Know u will
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    New Member (and Pop-Up owner) Introduction Post

    Welcome, from another newbie. Love to hear other folks getting into the PU lifestyle. Hope u have a great time
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    Hi there,

    I just bought our first PU ('04 model, only drove 3 hrs to get it). Did our first trip last weekend. It was everything we hoped it would be. I learned a lot from lurking on this site for a couple months. It was a big help to me - lots of friendly, helpful folks here. Being new to PU's and...
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    Hello from Alabama!

    Awesome! We just bought a n2us 04 rockwood and did our first trip. it was great! Like u, I lurked for a while, too, and it was a big help for me. Getting the right model in solid condition is step number 1 IMO. You're Gonna have a blast with the the family. Enjoy!
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    Maiden voyage and hitch recall

    Thanks Rob, Thanks Nineoaks, (yeah, it's 3000 lbs. and over in Ga.) Erik, I see it. Thx, that's a big help!
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    Maiden voyage and hitch recall

    Wonder if this is it...
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    Maiden voyage and hitch recall

    Oh, when you say "wired for it" you probably mean under the dash. I'll have to look. Thx
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    Maiden voyage and hitch recall

    My '03 Tahoe did not come with a tow package but does have a standard (original equipment) round (7 pin, I believe) female connector tucked in the rear frame area. I used a simple double-male connector to hook it up to my PU. Lights, brake lights and turn signals are operational and I assume...
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    Maiden voyage and hitch recall

    We had our first trip last weekend and It was perfect. After I installed a receiver hitch to my Tv myself (a Curt Class III purchased from Amazon for $135, installation was a piece of cake, one man job), I purchased the 2" drop hitch and ball from a local U Haul dealer. Turns out there is a...
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    New Pop Up Owner

    I am official! Extremely excited to now be a bonified owner of a NTM pop up, a 2004 Rockwood 2516G. Should be the perfect model for my family and me. Can't wait to get out in the woods and get camping. First order of business is to say thanks to many of you who provided endless information...