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  1. Storm

    Suggestions for going to the bathroom

    Def would put inside. Esp for that late nighttime wake up twinkle. Even with a porta potty outside, your not gonna wanna get dressed and go outside to bathroom.
  2. Storm

    My coleman key fit my friends Coleman pop up also? Imagine that.

    My coleman key fit my friends Coleman pop up also? Imagine that.
  3. Storm

    Popup Portal Smartphone App

    Chrome works well! : ) your missing out on all the fun!
  4. Storm


    Hee hee yes I bought a camper and it smelled like a box of snuggle and litterly was a whole box of them stored everywhere. Including the empty box. You could smell the camper halfway down the street. But no mice!
  5. Storm


    Mice can dig and nor threw that spray foam stuff.
  6. Storm

    PUP rescue mission

    Wow lots of work! You are Making progress. Looking forward to seeing pictures the new and improved!
  7. Storm

    What are some tips tricks for storing my camper for the winter with no garage?

    We shrink wrap ours! And put 3 containers of damp rid and remove all cushions.
  8. Storm

    What are some tips tricks for storing my camper for the winter with no garage?

    Wow those look stronger than the roof! : )
  9. Storm

    Need cassette toilet repair advice

    Hmmm may I suggest the 3 legged toliet! No pumps, No heavy scubbing Just remove your bio bag and Chuck in a rabbit hole!
  10. Storm

    Show off my Refletix solar bunk covers

    Yea I was thinking the same about With that in mind with your reply.. In which I could understand. What about those of them using this reflex as insulation panels between in their bunkends in chilly weather ? If it rains is the same thing gonna happen to your bunkends ECT? I have read numerous...
  11. Storm

    1982 Jayco Frame Up Rebuild

    Wow! Great progress!! Looking good! Looking forward to seeing more . : )
  12. Storm

    Does Your Camper Have A Name?

    I just coundnt come up with a name . so I just call her "flagstaff" and the other "destiny" hee hee didn't have to put much thought into that.
  13. Storm

    2020 Vermont Rally?

    Have fun in Vermont Bring extra blankets!
  14. Storm

    HELLO MY NAME IS: new.

    Welcome! Have fun with your restore! Nice winter project to have! Now you can fancy it to your liking!!
  15. Storm

    Canvas glue patches - what actually works?

    I used E6000 industrial strength clear. Its waterproof glue also and heat resistant and flexable. I put patches on both sides of my holes and it worked great. Just try not to overload the edge of patch witj glue it will show a darker hue. Then I sewed around a couple I could get to . just in...
  16. Storm

    New pop-up owner

    Welcome ! Ouch. I agree with insurance funding that damage. I would think the bed pushed in and damage inside. I guess if it's not that bad on inside and insurance is not a option. you could pull off that section and rebuild with wood and Some sort of aluminum siding/sheet metal over wood. Or...
  17. Storm

    Am I the only one coming home with something broken on every trip so far?

    Yep I am now seeing this to be true . the only thing i had to worry about with a tent " was getting it back in its bag that always seemed like it was 2 sizes to small! : )