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  1. xvz12

    Television at campsite?

    It's just the wife & myself nowadays, & we often enjoy a movie, outside sitting by the campfire. I don't use a tv, per se, but I have a 22" computer monitor, hooked up to a media box, & watch movies I've downloaded to a thumb drive. Both are powered by a very small inverter hooked to the pup's...
  2. xvz12

    Prototype Camp Stove / Oven

    I have one of those Blackstone 1st gen griddles, we use it for just about everything.....I'll have to try that.
  3. xvz12

    Disconnected when camper is not in use?

    We have a master disconnect that we switch off when the pup's not in use, but the roof-mounted solar panels are left connected 24-7. Even with the cover on, & 6-8 inches of snow on the pup, enough light leaks thru to provide a tickle charge to the battery bank. We've had this setup for 4 years...
  4. xvz12

    ??? Campground Theft, How Often ???

    In over 40 years of camping, we've only had one theft....a cooler full of beer that I had left under our picnic table turned up missing. The kicker was, a couple of days later, the empty cooler found it's way back to our camp.
  5. xvz12

    Aliner Diesel Heater Install

    There are self contained models of these as well....I've been looking at getting one for some time. I was thinking of using it externally, with a duct into the camper. Also this would make it useable for other applications as well...
  6. xvz12

    Solar panels & 3M VHB - UPDATE

    Update #2. Going into our third year now, & the tape is still holding things down well. when I first thought about using 3M VHB tape to attach these panels, I had my doubts it would hold up, but still doing well.
  7. xvz12

    I've dealt with them on several occasions, found them to be polite, knowledgeable, & quick to ship.
  8. xvz12

    Repace crank with electric winch

    I bought one of those winches, with the intention of using it on our Coleman Cape Cod....ultimately, I decided against it, because, it anything ever bound up, a 2500 lb winch would rip things to shreds without even slowing down. If there's something causing your lift system to be hard to crank...
  9. xvz12

    Hi from Caldwell Idaho

    Welcome from about 25 miles north of you!
  10. xvz12

    Is a port-a-potty worth it?

    My wife is mobility challenged, uses a walker to get around, so the porta-potty is pretty much a necessity for us. If it's just her & myself, we just keep the thing inside the pup, if grandkids are with us, we have a popup shower tent we set up for it.
  11. xvz12

    Costco Greenball Towmaster or etrailer Kenda Loadstar?

    I can't speak for their trailer tires, but I've been running Kenda tires on my touring & cruiser motorcycles for about 30 years now, nary a problem, & excellent tire mileage.
  12. xvz12

    1963 Nomad Camper Tent/Boat

    Very cool outfit! Me likey!
  13. xvz12

    converting inverter generator to propane

    I've never actually ran a full tank out on our Sportsman, but IIRC, the manual said ~18 hours.
  14. xvz12

    converting inverter generator to propane

    I have a Sportsman 2200 inverter generator that is gasoline / propane.....I've never put gas in it in the two years I've owned it, only propane. Sits in a shed all winter, fires right up in the spring, don't have to worry about gummed up carburetors.
  15. xvz12

    Camping Rocker Question

    Just FYI, I bought our two chairs about a year apart, & the best price I found both times was at Dick's Sporting Goods, with free shipping.
  16. xvz12

    Camping Rocker Question

    I HAVE to have a rocking chair, whether at home or I have two of the GCI Roadtrip Rocker, one I keep in the pup, the other in our shed. They work well, in rocky, sandy, uneven ground, as well as My DIL liked them so much, she went out & bought 2 as well.
  17. xvz12

    Blackstone Newbie

    My Blackstone has never seen special seasoning oil. if fact, the first thing I did was hit it with some PAM spray on it, & cook a huge batch of bacon on it. If I use oil when cooking, it's generally olive oil, but spray oil, canola, or whatever is at hand has been used. Level, in practice is...
  18. xvz12

    Propane fire pit vs wood based

    We bought our propane fire pit about 4 years ago, & haven't had a real campfire since. Turn a valve, strike a match, & voila! Fire! The grandkids roast marshmallows over it, cook with pie irons, & we have a grate that fits over it if we want to put a pot or skillet on it. Time to go to bed or...
  19. xvz12

    Unplanned camp driveway!

    Camp Driveway is still camping in my book, great way to make lemonade when life gives you lemons. Hope the problem with the TV isn't serious.
  20. xvz12

    Amber LED Strip light for under the canopy

    I bought a set of these mini Coleman string lights a couple years ago, I just clip them to the edge of the awning when I set up, & take them down when I roll the awning up. They're battery powered, but a set of batteries lasts us an entire season, & provide just the right amount of light for...