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    Lets Talk Tires...

    I as well am looking at replacing my P/U tires and was going with Goodyear Endurance BUT just today saw where Goodyear is not allowing Trump MAGA hats be worn by employees (as well as anti abortion) but WILL ALLOW BLM LBGQRSTUV apparel. Which brings me to my question.... WHO ELSE BESIDES...
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    Alcohol or Propane for the inside of a popup

    Think we are talking about 3 different kinds of stove here. PU Sailor's original question is addressing alcohol stove like on his sailboat. Propane is never used in boating situations due to his stated propensity to settle at the lowest point of a boat, IE the bilge, as a built in application...
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    Is it worth it to upgrade?

    goirish1127, there is a consignment lot between Gainesville and Cleveland on hwy #129 with 6 PUP's on the lot. Don't know the configs but can check as I don't live far from there if you would be interested. That's where we got our NTU '07 Fleetwood Arcadia (high wall and much like the Niagara)...
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    How tall is my popup

    10 Ft sounds OK but as others have said, best is to pop her up and measure but want to warn you of the garage door opener. I have 10 ft ceilings but I can't open mine all the way due to the limit of the railings of the garage door opener. If you had 20 ft ceilings and an 8 ft garage door, and...
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    If you don't camp year round, what month do you first head out in the spring?

    There is a Southeast (Atlanta area) Rally set up for April 5-7 so hoping for good weather for that.
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    How to search for campgrounds?

    Surprised that no one suggested the Campground Reviews on this site (just scroll down the page under US Campground Reviews) listed by state. These are actual comments by campers so they should be pretty accurate. All the others work but this section has some good info. Happy Camping and good...
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    "Camping in a Pop-Up Camper is Paradise" book loan

    Didn'twant to wait, ordered mine on Amazon at $15.59 and will add to my growing collection of Pup books (with Poping Up Across America).
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    Popping Up Across America Book

    Been watching and enjoying this thread for awhile now, it's beginning to take a life of it's own it seems. As for me, just bought one at Amazon for about $15.00 about a month ago. Just now starting year two of the trip. Maybe at some point someone will start a topic on what they thought were...
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    Our maiden voyage! Lake Lanier GA (long and pic heavy!)

    Congrats on your trip from a NE GA Pupper. Great Pics and after all the early frustration, you da man. As everyone has said, it does get easier. As to the 110, have experienced the circuit breaker had been turned off on the CG post (after scratching a bald place on the noggin), wondering why the...
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    Georgia - Fall Rally! Lake Allatoona Sept 7 - 9, 2012

    Ditto-Then Ditto-Then Ditto again and again. Had a great time meeting you all. Fun, games, meeting new folks and do I even need to say the FOOD were GREAT! Much fun was had by all. So sorry as well LadyHawke on the "situation" on I75, just read in the paper that it was a 2 hour stoppage while...
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    Electrical Cord and A/C

    It will work but.................the service guy at Camper World said you could seriously damage components inside the AC. When I picked our NTU Pup, they were running the AC off a standard orange extension cord. Wondered about that and is why I asked the service guy when I went to buy camping...
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    Georgia - Fall Rally! Lake Allatoona Sept 7 - 9, 2012

    mtnkube, ordered two of the Decals. Thanks for picking them up. I'm so ready rain or shine (prefer the shine). Way I figure it, if the "stuff" (no, I won't say the word) follows some of you around, we just HAVE to catch a break some time with those kinds of records.
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    Georgia - Fall Rally! Lake Allatoona Sept 7 - 9, 2012

    Welcome Ladyhawke from your neighbor on site 131, looking forward to this. Thanks for adding a Fl element to the Rally. Wish I could bring my Hobie Mirage Tandem for you to play with but haven't set it up with my PUP. Drive safely and see you soon.
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    Georgia - Fall Rally! Lake Allatoona Sept 7 - 9, 2012

    Just PM'd you as will but wanted to say, we're thinking of your quick recovery and hope your are able to come to the Rally. Don't worry about the T-Shirts, I'll cover them for you when I see you or worst case, still have your address so go ahead and drop them off and we'll see if someone can use...
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    Scavenger Hunt

    Thanks for all your suggestions/comments. Have finalized our list to use next week and thought I would post what we came up with in case anyone wanted to use some of them. Thanks again. Georgia Fall Camp Rally McKinney Campground on Lake Allatoona...
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    Scavenger Hunt

    Great stuff to think about, Thanks for the responses. Still noodling on the final format but again, thanks for the input.
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    Scavenger Hunt

    Have been asked to organize a scavenger hunt for the little ones at our upcoming Georgia Fall Rally (its now official). Will be having 25+ campers (mostly Pup's but the occasional TT/Hybrid) around 50 adults and 17 or so little ones. Organizing ladder golf, corn hole, etc well but thought a...
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    Are we crazy to attempt a 30 day cross country trip?

    Ditto XXXX Look at taking an extended trip maybe next year like yours. Have to relate a story about good friend who's family took him (in a Truck Camper) to Alaska when he was a kid and told us that he had remembered it and wanted to do it with his family when he grew up. He ended up taking his...
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    Some pictures from the Smoky Mountains

    Thank you so much for posting. I'm originally from TN but now stuck in GA and yes, STILL a VOLS Fan. Hiked all over those beautiful mountains and think I saw several of the places (ie Cades Cove) that I love. Alltough I'm in GA, still consider East Tenn as God's Country. Will be back up that way...
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    Georgia - Fall Rally! Lake Allatoona Sept 7 - 9, 2012

    Papa C Got your PM and PM'd you back. As they say...the check's in the mail today