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  1. 4xMeteor

    Hello campers ;) new popup owner here from WI.

    Welcome to the portal from Georgia
  2. 4xMeteor

    Hello First time camper owner here!

    Welcome from Georgia and congrat's, you've come to the right place to find good people and good information.
  3. 4xMeteor

    New popup trailer owner 2020

    Welcome from Georgia
  4. 4xMeteor

    Country Concert, Ft. Loramie, OH

    I'm not a Country music fan, but happy to hear you had a great time :grin:
  5. 4xMeteor

    4th of July poop show

    I don't think DW and I would have lasted the first night - we typically won't camp on holidays unless we are somewhat assured we won't deal with that kinda b.s.
  6. 4xMeteor

    New to Forum

    Welcome from Georgia
  7. 4xMeteor


    Welcome to the portal from Georgia
  8. 4xMeteor

    Hello from MN

    Welcome to the portal from Georgia - popup is lookin' good :grin:
  9. 4xMeteor

    New here! Hello!

    Welcome to the portal from Georgia
  10. 4xMeteor

    Fire ban already - would that stop you?

    Born and raised in CA, been around and through many fires, even been evacuated. The last one came within 25ft of our home, firefighters did an excellent job and saved our house but the fire burned about 3 acres of our property. Wasn't a campfire that caused this either, it was an idiot grinding...
  11. 4xMeteor

    Young Firepit

    Some cool pic's, got me thinking of my youth and some fun times our family had. But all the photos are back in Cali in a box, one of these days I may see them again.
  12. 4xMeteor

    Destroyed popup

    I've spent many years camping in that area, storms can be a little crazy up there, hope nobody was injured.
  13. 4xMeteor

    Maiden Voyage: Irasburg, VT

    Hope all goes smooth and you enjoy your trip.
  14. 4xMeteor

    Hello from Germany,

    Welcome to the portal from Georgia
  15. 4xMeteor

    Brand New to Popup Camping

    Congrats and welcome, the portal is where you'll find lots good people with tons of experience.
  16. 4xMeteor

    New to Popups and Here!

    Welcome from Georgia and congrats
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    Greetings and salutations

    Welcome to the portal from Georgia
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    New to the Popup Portal

    Welcome from Georgia
  19. 4xMeteor

    Outer Banks 2021

    Nice, we haven't stayed there. We usually stay further down in Waves, but I will definitely check that one out - thanks.