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  1. J

    King Bed Slide Out Issues

    Are you talking about the little clip that the bed rail slides on? The king bed on my 1206 will sometimes pop off that clip and get caught on the clip. Ive found that pulling the slideout out first, then pulling out the bed works best. Always slide the slideout in first then push the bed in...
  2. J

    What would your perfect Pop Up be?

    Maybe another slideout for a shoilet.
  3. J

    Walmart deals this week, regional

    Coleman people are going crazy over those mantles. I too try my best to stay out of Walmart.
  4. J

    Am I missing something?

    No idea whats going on, but I was just able to book two sites. Very strange that I was able to book them on a Saturday, figured that would be when all the millennials were sitting at home ready to click. Maybe the bots take the weekend off?
  5. J

    Am I missing something?

    So far, Ive had to book the full two weeks to get the date I want, I've always had to do that. There is no fee to change the dates if any of those one days fall within the original reservation dates. There is only a fee to completely move the dates or to cancel.
  6. J

    Am I missing something?

    There isnt time to be notified, its gone before its available. Ive not been able to find any sort of bot that will let me make reservations.
  7. J

    Jackery 500 Power Station

    Besides the convenience of this being a battery in a box, whats the attraction to these things?
  8. J

    Am I missing something?

    Ive been trying to make reservations for several months at a campground I like going to. Its a national park, so they do the whole release dates each day at 10am, and Ive yet to be able to get a site. Whats going on here? I have 3 sites that I keep trying to get when the dates are released, I...
  9. J

    Brakes and Brake Assist

    I may sound like an old man, but I would NOT want to fumble around with a phone for my trailer brakes. My iphone rarely works good enough to use the google maps, brakes are not something I would trust it with. Ive had the tekonsha primus IQ for many years and its perfect. Once you get it...
  10. J

    Buc ees.

    Theres one about an hour from me. I try to stop when I'm going by and fill up with their 93 ethanol free gas. I'd rather not go inside, too many people.
  11. J

    Small pump for shower

    The pump is very tiny, didnt take much hair at all. I thought about getting a bilge pump and may give that a go. They tend to need a good 1" of water to prime though. The filter idea on the pump I have may work, I'll see what I can come up with. And I do use a 15gal tote. I use the pump to...
  12. J

    Small pump for shower

    Looking for ideas on how to pump water out of a dog pool. One of the camp grounds I go to requires you to collect all grey water, so I try my best to oblige. I've bought a popup shelter and a collapsible dog pool. They work great, but getting the water out of the dog pool is an issue. Even doing...
  13. J

    So how long CAN you leave a 7-way connector plugged into your TV?

    This. I will add, you can also leave it hooked to the TV if youre not on shore power for many many days. It all depends on what you're using in the camper. I left my camper battery hooked up once while I wasn't camping and it lasted for over a month before the propane alarm ran the battery down...
  14. J

    Towing - check your owners manual!

    I've always serviced everything more frequently than called for anyway. Those 42RLE's are not known for being forgiving, so I've always serviced mine every 30k. Also installed an aluminum PML trans pan, which helped keep the temps lower.
  15. J

    Camping with snobs?

    I heard of the 10 year or newer thing. Not gonna lie, Im not only alright staying out of that campground and the people there, I'm ok just staying out of the state.
  16. J

    Bicycle on a rack. To cover, or not to cover.

    I've never liked having my bikes in the rain, but sometimes there isnt much you can do about it. I have seen people cruising down the road with rather nice covers on their bikes. I saw the brand and looked them up, they were several $100... I just wash and wax my bike fairly often... Also clean...
  17. J

    2nd Purchase Gizmos

    I also found the extra darkness to be a huge benefit. Sometimes I don't want to get up when the sun does!
  18. J

    7pin charging everything?

    IMHO, the DC portion of the fridge is almost useless. It will hardly keep the fridge cold when hooked up to the TV and will still slowly deplete the battery on your camper while you're driving. Stop to eat? It will drain the camper battery VERY QUICKLY. The TV will charge the trailer battery...
  19. J

    Leaving 7 pin connected to TV overnight won't drain TV battery, IF......

    I'm not sure I would call it conflicting information. It all depends on the vehicle. My Jeeps with the factory tow package all turn the battery + off when the ignition is off. Keep in mind, the fridge on DC will drain the camper battery very quickly when the tow vehicle is not running. It will...
  20. J

    Jacking entire trailer for axle replacement and mover install - concerns?

    I'm a little confused why you're jacking up each corner, I imagine that is flexing the trailer a good bit. I've never had an issue jacking up each side of the camper under the axle then sitting each side on jack stands. Works perfect.