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    2003 Viking Saga

    It looks really nice. How is the paint holding up? That's my big hesitation with painting over the foil cabinets. I was thinking of using vinyl wallpaper (like Mac-tac).
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    Are pop ups a dying breed?

    I've got to admit, I'm done with popup camping. I loved our little trailer but I've had too many vacations that ended with packing in torrential rains, leaving us soaked on the drive and with a muddy, wet mess to clean up at home. I'm also sick of parking in a canyon of giant RVs with sound...
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    PUP Cigarette Lighter Outlet?

    We have an electric cooler with a 12v plug. When the AC adapter broke, we were glad to find one of these plugs in behind our panel. If you don't need something like that, putting in the USB adapter sounds like a good idea.
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    rav4 4 cylinder

    I tow the Flagstaff 176LTD, well packed but no water, with a 2008 Subaru Forester (4 cylinder manual) and trailer brakes. It’s pretty good but can be slow on inclines. Do I worry about it being hard on the car? A little but after 7 years the car still runs fine. Granted we aren’t doing long haul...
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    Fitzroy ont park

    I agree completely. We've camped there 3 times in the last 3 years and it's a lovely campground and surrounding area. Great for younger kids - the beaches and waterfront are amazing. Fully agree with avoiding the Pinegrove side - we ended up with a huge group of 20 somethings in a double site...
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    Ex-rental - should I buy it?

    So we ended up buying a sweet little 2007 Flagstaff 170: extremely clean, 8 foot box, kitchen amenities, heated mattresses, awning, bike rack and .... BRAKES! Now I just have to get a controller on my Forester and we're rolling. Thanks for all the input - this is great forum. Cheers!
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    Ex-rental - should I buy it?

    Update: It turns out the J/Trax trailer was only used as a rental for one season, and they insist it's in excellent condition. We'll check it out in a couple of days. There's another one being sold by a family that's outgrown it that we may look at too. And there's still the Cedar. Thanks for...
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    Ex-rental - should I buy it?

    Hi all, First post here. I'm looking at lightweight trailers for my Forester and I've narrowed it down to these models: Jayco J/Trax, Starcraft Meteor, and Fleetwood Neon. I have lines on all of the above but my significant other is leaning toward the Jayco. I'm hesitating on the Jayco...
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    Fundy National Pak

    Just did a quick overnight at Chignecto campground. Really great setup - beautiful facilities. My only complaint was that the serviced sites are intended for RVs and are hard pack gravel. It was really challenging to get our tent pegged (we're now in the market for a popup).
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    Hello from Ottawa ON

    Just trying to find a trailer that I can pull with my Subaru Forester without destroying it. Thanks for any help.