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    Might sound a bit crazy, but try burning pressed paper egg cartons or the multi cup holders from the coffee shop. Use moderate size pieces and let them smolder under your camping chair while sitting around the fire.Smaller pieces burn slower and last longer. Mosquitoes don't like it. It works!
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    Amber LED Strip light for under the canopy

    After my first set of LED strip lights ( 12v) under the canopy failed from water intrusion, and they were listed as IP67, I put my second set in clear heat shrink. I left the end a bit long and filled with silicone before shrinking. Did the same thing at the cable end to seal it. I used a cut...
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    converter problems

    Never seen one, very similar to the TT-30 RV plug except the RV plug has a U shaped ground prong. Shouldn't fit, but apparently it did.
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    converter problems

    "The voltage rating of a fuse is a function of its capability to open a circuit under an overcurrent condition. Specifically, the voltage rating determines the ability of the fuse to suppress the internal arcing that occurs after a fuse link melts and an arc is produced. If a fuse is used with a...
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    converter problems

    It sure is! I'm still wondering how one plugs a 120v trailer into a 240v outlet as the OP stated, and no one else questions it!
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    converter problems

    From your picture it also appears that you may have soldered a automotive fuse holder in place of the original? I seriously doubt that the automotive fuse is rated for any more than 32v. That fuse soldered on the board will be for the primary, 120v side of the converter. It is not user...
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    converter problems

    Just curious, how could you possibly plug a 30a/120v rv plug into a 220v outlet of any current rating? Something there needs to be addressed before a real accident occurs!
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    Not an electrician but this seems relatively simple...

    Actually after viewing the video, the biggest mistake I can't believe that the job is being done with the power on. Must be an old video cause no electrician I work with would do that. And if it were done live it would be with a full arc flash suit! Nothing is so important that the power can't...
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    Not an electrician but this seems relatively simple...

    As a journeyman electrician, I would prefer to remove the wire first & install last. There are times though when the load wire is so buried among others that it is impossible to remove first. Try terminating a #2 or larger and then install the breaker, not going to stay in place. It needs to be...
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    Electric brakes troubleshooting

    I put 7" drums on my 89 Starcraft tent trailer. Towing with a 89 Chevy Vandura 2500. Could hardly feel the brakes when manually hit to try to stop both the van and trailer. But then the 7" brakes are designed to brake a 2200 lb load, not an added 6800 lbs!. After doing some brake tests with and...
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    How to debug / fix this wiring short?

    Sorta sounds like it. Could very well be on the vehicle side. You could try jumping frame to frame with a piece of wire or a jumper cable if you have a set. Poor grounds always create weird results.
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    How to debug / fix this wiring short?

    Progress, good to hear. Best to keep the ground wire connected. You will always show some resistance on the brake circuit. As you said it is the electromagnet coils. That's a good thing otherwise your brakes wouldn't work. If you look under the trailer behind the brake plates you will probably...
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    How to debug / fix this wiring short?

    You really don't have continuity! You are probably not on the correct scale of your ohm meter. The meter is giving you a correct indication for the scale it is on, but it is misleading information. Have a look at the picture in the link...
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    How to debug / fix this wiring short?

    Your continuity tester is showing a short but really you are reading the resistance of the lamps, brake coils and what ever load may be on the aux line. Changing the scale on your meter to a x1 or very low scale will result in proper readings. Better still, remove the lamps and retest those...
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    no hot water pressure

    Seems like you have it right, handles in line with pipe are on and handles across pipe are off. You said the safety valve works so you are getting water in to the tank. You say it only dribbles out the tap so open the bypass and see if you get full flow ( would be cold ). That will tell you if...
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    Best Mosquito/Bug deterrent

    Have been doing the egg carton thing as well. Throw a smoldering piece under everyone's chair and the mosquitoes are gone. Start saving them now, they burn quite fast, but they work!
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    Radio Shack is now what?

    Checkout Digikey Electronics in MN. They also have an outlet in Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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    Quick Connect Hose/Shower Faucet

    I believe you will find that the tap set has check valves built into each inlet connection. Although not a true back flow preventer. But it will prevent cross flow from cold to hot if the taps are left open ( with nothing connected to the quick coupler ). I bought that set of taps complete with...
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    Home made Solar Bunkend Covers?

    My original was purchased from Popup Gizmo but with the dollar & shipping costs it was way too expensive to buy a replacement. Plus the DW is a seamstress so it made sense to make one. My homemade ones have been in use for about 3 months now & holding up well. I used the emerg blankets with...
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    Bonding the Green 120v Ground to the frame?

    No "sort of" about it, its a fact. If you contact the hot and neutral and are isolated from ground, no gfci is going to save you. It may not kill you but your going to get a shock. No doubt. 36 years in the trade tells me that