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    Price of Propane

    Yesterday: KOA Avila Beach, CA was $5.00/gal U-Haul Escondido, CA was $5.19/gal Liquor/U-Haul store in Poway, CA was $3.69/gal I ended up at the liquor store/U-Haul
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    Sequoia towing

    I wouldn't worry so much about the voltages. For the Bayside you'll want the brakes functional. Does your Sequoia towing package include an integrated brake controller? If not, you should purchase an aftermarket controller and hook it up using that pigtail, or a custom pigtail made to connect...
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    Tow Mirrors

    What did you buy? Interested as I have a 2015 Silverado.
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    Hi from ca

    Can't say that I blame you. But living in the San Diego area, we don't have good rivers to camp on, so even though I don't love the crowd up in the Kern area, I do love the river itself. Pisses me off to see the trash people leave behind....
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    Hi from ca

    Welcome! Kern River Campground is a decent spot to get familiar with your rig as long as you don't need hookups. It's pretty flat and typically grassy and right on the Lower Kern. The bathrooms get kind of nasty in the summer, but we still love to go up there and go inner-tubing on the river.
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    Turning Brake Drums

    You could try No idea if they are self-adjusting though....
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    What is this switch for?

    Of course by the time you can reach that switch, you're already pretty much set up... :)
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    What is this switch for?

    I read somewhere (probably on this forum) that the running lights being turned on by that switch was because of a short circuit somewhere. It does seem like an odd place to have a switch to turn on the running lights, and odd to have a dual-purpose switch. That being said, that's exactly the...
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    New in SoCal

    Welcome from Escondido! Erik
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    Slide Out Bunk Security.

    It's essentially the same security as being in a tent....Don't leave valuable stuff in your pop up if you're worried about it, but I've never had an issue with anyone going through mine.
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    Parting out- 1998 Coleman Bayside

    Where are you located?
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    Attaching a new channel to roof

    I'd suggest drilling a hole through, then poking something like a length of wire through and measuring how long the bolt needs to be. Take into account the thickness of the rail and the washer and bolt on the inside. Then buy the appropriate length of bolt. You don't want it any longer than it...
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    Attaching a new channel to roof

    Well, it's bit hard to tell, but that looks to me like it was an ABS roof that has the ABS removed (probably because it was cracking and delaminating from the foam below) and coated with a truck bed liner like Grizzly Grip. That is what I did to our popup when we had it, and is pretty typical...
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    Attaching a new channel to roof

    Can you post a picture of it?
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    Attaching a new channel to roof

    What kind of pop up and roof do you have? Metal, or ABS roof? Depending on what type of roof, the solution to attach the awning track may be different.
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    1986 Coleman Sequoia pop up HELP! or possibly.
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    PUP repair shop in San Diego County

    Not sure if they offer these services, but Freeway Trailer in Escondido might. I had them handle my axle flip.
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    best RV thermostat?

    I bought a digital thermostat from Home Depot (or Lowes - I don't recall). Look for one that will fit where your current one is, or plan on lengthening the wire to be able to put it somewhere else. I'd suggest getting one with backlighting, so that you can see the display at night, or in low...
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    Bayside Elite feet

    Something like these? 4
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    Coleman Sequioa or Fleetwood Bayside

    The Coleman campers were made by Fleetwood, who doesn't make pop-ups anymore either. I have a '98 Coleman Bayside and love it. The slide-out makes a world of difference with interior space. Check the front box and look for evidence of leaks around the front storage box lid and in the corners...