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    Potential camping season OVER !

    I Hope recovery goes smooth and you all come through this ok. Good luck and God bless.
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    2 Campgrounds to stay away from and one we've found to be a gem!

    It is possible to get infected with the viruses that cause hand, foot, and mouth disease if you swallow recreational water, such as water in swimming pools or other swimming areas. However, this is not very common. This is more likely to happen if the water becomes contaminated with feces from a...
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    Whats your adult beverage of choice?

    Mikes Hard Mango! :) the very few times I drink, otherwise its grape flavored water [:D]
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    Murder at Va. campground by security guards

    As a former guard who still holds my license to guard, I agree! Have seen it happen a few times although not to this degree!
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    Murder at Va. campground by security guards

    More info on this! By Matt Sabo, [email protected] | 757-247-7872 10:04 a.m. EDT, May 30, 2013 MIDDLESEX — A grand jury has indicted three men on murder charges following the May 12 death of a Wake resident who was fatally injured during an altercation with campground security guards...
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    Murder at Va. campground by security guards

    Sad, very sad! Some people just should not be security officers.
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    So pissed....

    Good luck, I have been there, after 18 years of marriage we finally called it quits, or I guess I should say he did, he wanted to have more fun in the greener grass I guess. However we are better friends now that we had been in years and I wish him all the best! I hope things work out for you...
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    So pissed....

    There is a movie called "Fireproof" I know it has saved a few marriages! It is a wonderful movie.