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  1. AndreD

    Conventional Pop-Up Versus A-Frame

    Rock wood 1940ltd. Perfect for your needs and a 10 foot frame. Don’t get the 1640. Dinette is way too small.
  2. AndreD

    Water Heater Rockwood Freedom 1640LTD?

    Tell them to take a look under the dinette seats and they will know. I have the 1940ltd and it is definitely an option for both models with an exterior shower but I didn’t get it.
  3. AndreD

    How Do You Make Coffee (The Juice Of Life)

    I used to use this exact one as well - I still keep it as a back up . My primary melitta version is the ceramic one now.
  4. AndreD

    Ontario - Toronto area info needed

    do you need to go to Toronto from Niagara Falls? There isn’t a lot of nice campgrounds around there. I’’d go west from Niagara and hit up the Lake Erie parks on the way to Detroit. Unless you’re doing a tourist trip and plan on seeing some of the Toronto sights
  5. AndreD

    SOLD - Selling my 2016 Forest River Rockwood Freedom Series 1970ESP Pop-Up

    Are you sure it’s 2016? I have a rockwood and that dark colour scheme is fairly new.
  6. AndreD


    Red light maintains your natural night vision and doesn’t have as large an effect on neighbours as a result. I wonder if that was part of their consideration?
  7. AndreD

    Need Advice on Buying Camper

    I had similar limitations and wanted a basic no frills unit and settled for a rockwood 1940ltd. Which is good size for 5. For a family of 6 I’d look at the Rockwood 1980. (4 separate beds) Or rockwood 2280ltd (12 foot...
  8. AndreD

    Storing a canoe on popup in garage?

    I managed to get my popup in the garage for winter storage and was wondering if anyone stores a canoe on top of it over the winter? I don’t have a rack but was going to put down some pool noodles for it to sit on. Do you think that would be ok? The canoe isn’t that heavy-60lbs. Or is this a bad...
  9. AndreD

    2022 Ontario Summer Rally

    How many families typically come out to these events? I’m a single parent of 3 young children and would love to meet other families.
  10. AndreD

    Installing battery disconnect

    So I just bought a battery disconnect from my dealer and the back of the package is a bit vague with the instructions given. I watched a couple videos online and people are using different gauges of wire. What is the “proper garage battery cable”? Also, it says to use a 3/8” stud terminal...
  11. AndreD

    Shore power question

    this sounds exactly like my situation. You worded that perfectly.
  12. AndreD

    Pop up alternative? Opposite of "the dark side"!?

    Saw one of these on my last camp trip:
  13. AndreD

    Need advice on how to modify bal leveler

    I bought the bal leveller and it seems to pinch the tire in a strange way and cause what looks like a bit of a bulge while holding the tire. It has me a bit concerned as it technically is for 13” and up tires and I have 12. A while back while searching older threads I had found someone who...
  14. AndreD

    Good cooler?

  15. AndreD

    Good cooler?

    A bit smaller than what you want but costco has the 65 quart lifetime cooler which is amazing. Up there with yeti quality and is bear resistant certified as well
  16. AndreD

    Brand new roof caulking question

    Just looked it up. They updated the terms as of July 1st,I got mine July 6th. “shall be free of substantial defects in materials and workmanship. Substantial Defects in material and workmanship attributable to Forest River’s manufacture and assembly of the RV. Substantial Defects are those...
  17. AndreD

    Silly question: can you leave your battery plugged in?

    do you fully remove the battery or have a disconnect switch?
  18. AndreD

    How long can i expect a new battery to last without hooking up to power?

    I got 10 days out of mine (and there’s still lots of capacity, sitting at 70%). I have very minimal usages though, lights at night, and propane sensor.
  19. AndreD

    Brand new roof caulking question

    hmmm… I’ll have to ask what is covered by warranty, when I had wrote the dealership about it they told me to just go over it with the silicone I had bought from them. No mention of warranty work
  20. AndreD

    Brand new roof caulking question

    I wonder if that would void the warranty