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    flex seal vs. bondo

    thanks! they are really small cracks and only one hole maybe the size of a dime. just don’t want it to get worse. i’ll look into the wire mesh and just skip the flex seal all together. :)
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    flex seal vs. bondo

    i would then sand the bondo down and paint over it with some white marine paint is what im thinking
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    flex seal vs. bondo

    hi hivemind ! i have a couple very small cracks on the front plastic part of my 98 coleman sea pine. the previous owner had given me a couple cans of flex seal, but i looked at the details and it looks like it takes 48 hours to dry. i can’t leave my camper open that long and the cracks need to...
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    New Gasket is On! Do i need to secure the two ends together ?

    So excited that our roof is replaced and the new gasket is on. We got the two ends pretty perfectly lined up but didn’t know if there’s a trick to kind of sealing them together. here’s a pic of what it looks like now… tips? thanks community !
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    ISO:Plastic Awning Rail, Awning and Add a Room For Coleman 1998 Sea Pine, NorCal

    ISO: Im needing to replace my awning rail, and purchase an awning, and hopefully an add a room. Im not in a rush so Im looking to avoid massive shipping costs and find something within 100 miles of Sonoma County , CA. I have a 1998 Sea Pine. I believe this takes a 9 foot awning rail. The...
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    40amp vs 15amp. battery harness ?

    Awesome, I checked that out! And saved that booklet, very helpful thank you!
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    40amp vs 15amp. battery harness ?

    hi all. i have a coleman 1998 sea pine. trying to decide which battery harness i need… the 15 and 40 seem to be the same price. thanks!
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    How to connect battery to camper?

    hmm, I don't think so. Ill have to take a closer look, I really hope not!
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    How to connect battery to camper?

    Hi its me again! I have another question. Which part do I order to connect my camper to my external battery? Im going to include a photo of the piece that is coming off the camper wiring. Im also going to include a photo of what I think I need to order. But the connector on the battery side...
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    Need a new gasket around roof, Coleman SeaPine 1998

    Hi all! Not sure if this is where to post this question. I have a 1998 Coleman Sea Pine which came without a grommet seal around the roof. I am replacing the roof today with a spray on Bedliner. Next step will be putting a new gasket around the roof. Can anyone suggest where is the best place...
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    Replacing awning holder/ brace on a 1998 Coleman Fleetwood GrandTour Sea Pine

    Morning! First time poster here, My camper outer shell roof was loose and cracked from the sun. Ive taken the outer shell off and will be doing the spray on truck bed liner trick today. When I ripped off the roof the awning holder piece (Im new! don't know what its called) came off with it as...
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    Hey now !

    Hi all! I am a new, first time pop up owner, of a 1998 Coleman Grand Tour Sea Pine. I got it locally here in Northern California for a steal of 2,000. I am currently in the process of repairing the roof which was the only real issue the camper had. Im a mom of two and am so excited to get out...
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    For Sale: Screen Room/Add A Room

    I am interested!! Does this have an awning or no?
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    Coleman Rio Grande add a room

    sorry it’s a grand tour sea pine
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    Coleman Rio Grande add a room

    Hi! Is this still available ? I’m a new owner of a 1998 coleman fleet wood grand tour destiny series. i am looking for an awning and add a room. where are you located ? thanks!!